Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hot Morning News Bunnies -

Kiran Chetry - Fox News
Juliet Huddy - Fox News
Michelle Charlesworth - WABC
Natalie Morales - MSNBC
Lauren Glassberg - WABC
Melissa Stark - MSNBC
Betty Nyguen - CNN
Susan McGinnis - CBS
Carol Costello - CNN
Contessa Brewer - MSNBC
- and making a dark horse move like Juliet did this summer......
Game 1 of the ALCS went to the hated yankees last night but you have to think that yankee fans are lot more worried about the way their team won Game # 1 than Red Sox fans are worried about the way that their team lost......Pedro just needs to cut out this Daddy fixation of his and pitch a solid 7 innings.............the Broncos are just one Q fumble away from being a perfect 5-0 while still playing less than impressive football so far - have to give the ball to Droughns this week so he can pound away at the old & slow raiders def line...........Shark Tale was a horrible movie except for the Rasta Jellyfish - I hope I never have to see the Sponge Bob movie and Robots just looks like a bunch of Robin Williams butt jokes..........I'm in way over my head in my two non-profit jobs but I guess that I will eventually figure out what in the hell I'm actually doing...........I need to make a big pot of alligator stew and some pumpkin bread this weekend - I also need to start planning a tailgate menu for the harvard game - that sounds pretty stuffy but it's not...........No NHL is bummer everywhere except my wallet.......a brick red house ? I must really love my wife..............the one chick I think is cute on Survivor actually would rather be ogled by cute chicks...........I really need to get back to writing my novels - I have far too many ideas busting about in my head - at least put together a children's book or two - I'm pathetic if i don't do it soon...........LSU vs Ole Miss - Broncos vs Saints - cafe au lait & beignets - good weekend coming..............

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Can I possibly be any more bored than I am right now ? Stuck in a 4 day sytems seminar for a system I will most assuredly never use. Not even any scenery to peruse. This is painful. Thank God for the back row and internet access.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Tampa Bay sweeps the Habs - Calgary dumps the Wings - 2 series down and Game 6 in the other two series tonight - Predictions: Avs in OT to force Game 7 and Leafs 4 Flyboyz 2

Friday, March 26, 2004

Too many thunks going on these days - NCAA Tourney - picks go boom - went to maui - Visa bill went zoom - pinched a nerve in my hip - ouch - survivor all stars - the robfather looks strong - AI3 - got to pull for Jasmine but I'm not picking up the phone - new job - new commute - no morning newspaper - need coffee but trying hard not to have that 2nd cup - gator burgers come today - that's all I have time for now.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It's about time that Slats stepped down as coach but he should have given up the GM mantle as well - he has made a mess of this franchise and he should not be in charge of the March 9 Fire Sale at MSG !

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bobby Brown is in jail again ? What a surprise......not ! Bobby & Whitney are like a wreck on the side of the road. You can't help but slow down to watch but you are damn glad that it's not you. What a waste.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey is enough to, as my friend Nate said, throw up in my mouth.......

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

How happy was Derek Jeter to play Jerome to A-Rod's Morris Day at the press conference today ? I can't see this working in the long run.......
I know my wife is right when she bugs me about finishing one of the children's books I have written. I just can't seem to take that final step and begin the rejection process. I know that they are good enough I just don't believe in myself enough.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Last night I shook hands with Rod Gilbert, Steve Vickers, Dave Maloney, Nick Fotiu and Adam Graves. Graves was awesome in that he took time to shake every kid's hand, pose for pictures and sign autographs all while patiently trying to get to his seat.

Brian Leetch's wife is going to be serious MILF once she becomes a mom.......

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Tonight the NY Rangers will honor Mike Richter and raise his #35 to the rafters. It is a well deserved honor for which I will be glad to be present. I was in Denver in 1988 when Richter made his professional debut with the Colorado Rangers of the International Hockey League. I watched him make me forget his forgettable Olympic performance as he won 10 straight games. I remember calling my brother at the time and telling him that I had seen the goalie that would finally win the Rangers the Stanley Cup. I was also there in June of 1994 when Mike Richter did carry the Rangers to their first CUP in 54 years and I gladly reminded my brother that I had told him so. I remember watching his Canada Cup performance in 1996 when he lifted an overmatched American team onto his back and carried them through to victory over Canada in the finals. I was there to see the shot ricochet off his head to fracture his skull and I was there when he sustained the concussion that ended his career. Mike Richter was a hell of a goalie and has proven in every way to also be one hell of a man.

I hope to see him up in the Lake Placid region someday.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Pitchers & Catchers !!! Pitchers & Catchers !!!!


Monday, February 02, 2004

SuperDuperBowl Thunks

the menu stayed the same with the addition of some port wine cheese and some marbled cheddar - the bread did change from sourdough to cheese & herb - the Texas Crabgrass was awesome

8 different # combos and I didn't hit a single one - the failed 2 pt conversions screwed me

Kasay kicks it straight down the field and we go to OT

Anyone who knows footbal knew that Vinatieri wasn't going to miss - how did Branch get that open anyway ?????

The less said about the has-been halftime show the better

Budweiser consistently had the best ads last night - Fetch and Tuning Out were my favorites - though the little boy in me loved the Blue Lily Flameout

Had the ESPN pre-game and CBS pre-game shows on but can't tell you a single thing about them

All-Star Survivor was worth the lost sleep - hard to know who to cheer for this time around - they got a great mix of players and some great teams put together - for all the best recaps

you've been a great audience - don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

Thursday, January 29, 2004

SuperDuperBowl Menu Draft #1

Mini Crawfish Pies
Pressed Quesadillas - Italian Chicken and Asian Seafood
Babyback Ribs
Coconut Conch Chowder
Texas Crabgrass
Sun-dried Tomato Dip
Sourdough Bread
Corn Muffins
Shredded Pork Roast w/ yellow rice

maybe more - never less
# 8 for # 88 was just further proof that Big Deal Neil sold his soul to the devil back in 1994

I was there to see the Rangers win the Cup so I can't really fault him

I need to order some more alligator burgers

thought I fixed my broken nordictrack last night by scavenging parts from an old machine - this morning the other drivewheel broke so I give up and I will wait for the parts and the repair man

I like shoveling snow at night - it's quiet and you see the footprints of the animals that normally stay in during the daylight hours

still no Pier 11 service

All-star Survivor is a must - so is tonight's episode of "The Apprentice" - I am still ashamed that I watch this show......

Draft # 1 of my SuperDuperBowl Menu to be posted later today

I'm here all day - don't forget to try the chowder

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

finally a place to put all the random thunks that pop into my head........

4 days until the SuperDuperBowl and I haven't finalized my menu yet - maybe the return of Coconut Conch Chowder......

Jagr is not the answer but then Slats still hasn't figured out the question

Why didn't I ever go to the Phoenix Open when I was single ?

Jennifer Aniston hasn't done it for me in many years but she looked hot at the Golden Globes

This week's List of 5: Jennifer Garner, Marg Helgenberger, Diane Lane, Emily Proctor & Michelle Charlesworth

I can't believe I am actually watching the Apprentice - that said, Sam HAD to be fired

Hearts says Cats - Head says Pats NE 23 Carolina 17

Kevin Costner should only be allowed to make westerns and golf movies

Fantasy Golf season is upon us and I plan to win my Survivor League again this year

why do we let places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have so much early say in who does and doesn't run for President ?

Page Six is a daily must read

so are Get Fuzzy, Mutts, Boondocks and Pearls Before Swine is possibly my new favorite website

I quit watching wrestling when i started reading CRZ recaps - I stopped reading wrestling recaps when CRZ stopped doing wrestling recaps - wrestling which was once a big part of my life is now dead to me

I hate riding the PATH train - I wish the ice would break up by Pier 11

Scarlett Johansson may not have won a Golden Globes but her dress certainly made sure we knew she had some Golden Globes

I don't know how many days until pitchers & catchers and i really don't care

I do like how Clemens screwed the yanks - bet he doesn't have the guts to pitch in Shea though

6 inches of fresh powder this morning made me wish I was out west

you have been a great audience - don't forget to tip your soup and slurp your waitress