Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"They told me there were animals in the back but they didn't tell me there was a fox."

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Yes that was an actual line used on the Deadliest Catch at the trade by some old dude who wanted a stress ball for his grandchildren. I was so jealous that I hadn't thought of that one first...

By 4pm on Monday afternoon, even juggling our bright blue stress balls was not enough to get more than a casual glance from the "shoppers" at the Trade Show. You needed to have something unique at that point or some good candy. We had nothing but sore feet and forced smiles. I hate these trade shows because I invariably run into people I haven't seen for a long time (for a reason) but I did come away with a leather coaster, a couple funky pens for the kids, a small fire extinguisher and a back scratcher for my wife.

And if I may digress for just a second, I just found out that Mrs. Swampy plans on keeping the backscratcher in the kitchen so she doesn't have to use my fork anymore when she has an itch. Ah the joys of married life…….

I'm on a conference call right now,already did my spiel and now I am just listening to the rest of the country WHINE !!!!! May I suggest a nice piece of Brie or Camembert to go with that WHINE !!!

Back to a trade show related subject, you have to love the Stage Deli and their "celebrity" platters & sandwiches. I ordered a James Brown just because I could but what a turkey, pastrami & swiss on rye has to do with the Godfather of Soul is beyond me. The most appropriately named dish was the "Richard Simmons Tropical Fruit Plate" – I was actually stunned that they would be that "controversial" in their namings…..

Looks like the NYC strip clubs may have finally identified a new target market (and one I have long thought they shouldn't ignore) – they have started handing out free passes to the crowd going into the New York Liberty (WNBA) games. Lesbians like lap dances too, don't they ?

Top Chef 3 – Miami starts tonight with a 75 minute premier – don't miss it

On a 2nd viewing of the Sopranos Finale last night with Mrs. Swampy (she hated it), I am even more convinced than I was before that Tony is alive and that he was not whacked by Members Only coming out of the bathroom. David Chase in his only post finale interview (in the Star Ledger – Tony's paper) certainly implied that Tony didn't die. I can still ssee a movie in about 5 years when James Gandolfini discovers that the American public can't get past seeing him in any role other than Tony Soprano (and that is why his career has tanked) begging David Chase to bring them all back for one final shot. Then maybe Tony gets whacked.

And as much as I have always hated Journey, great song to end the series.

Back to AC for just a second if I may and it is my blog so I think I may, went to play Roulette with the Deadliest Catch after dinner on Sunday night and lost $100 faster than you could even imagine. Went back up to my room, changed out of my convention clothes and put on more typical swamp attire - dirty shorts, old beat up t-shirt, sunglasses & a baseball cap - and went back down to the roulette table again. ne hour later swampy had won back my $100 and swampy had also won me an additional $200 (though Mrs. Swampy only found out about half of that.....)

The US Open starts tomorrow and they have a 288 yard Par 3 on the 8th hole. Say what ? I can't wait to see who goes for it. There really is something fundamentally wrong about using a driver on a Par 3 but…….

I grew up thinking I was a Presbyterian but thanks to Levi, I now know that I am really a Black Jew

With all the songs I hate on my iPod, it's nice to know that sometimes my shuffle button gets it right. What day can't start out better when you get "Joy" from Elvin Bishop's "Raisin' Hell" album following Peter Tosh's version of "Johnny B. Goode".

Dug an ingrown toenail out of my big left toe last night – at least I can walk now – maybe I need to go here for a pedicure……

For all of you LOST fanatics out there who are feeling their Wednesday jones coming on – if you haven't checked out B.Quain's LOST Blog today, you must. Great LOST related honeymoon stories and a classic YouTube clip.

So the conference call is ending and it is time for me to go get some Ptomaine & Salmonella on a Roll from Sick Charlie's for lunch. Blockheads tomorrow….maybe

I am sure that I forgot a ton of stuff I meant to write about and will remember again onc I'm done but that just means more for Friday

Quietly laughing at the NBA for their powerhouse finals of San Antonio & Cleveland….swampy abides…..

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Monday, June 11, 2007

My Hole-in-One turns 12 today.

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June 11, 1995 - Skillman, NJ
It was a beautiful June day and 7 of us had headed for the bedens brook Country Club and their very challenging 18 carved out of fields and woods. My older golfaholic brother was in the lead foursome and i was playing with the swampdad & the swampsis. it was also the day of the annual pool party at the swamprents so we had to play quickly. one other note to the day was that the swampsis had just graduated from med school so it was a double celebration. My game had been nothing special for some time but at least i was familiar with the track so I would be able to fight my way around in something probably close to a 95. It was hot but the humdity that so often begins to accompany the weather in June had not yet kicked in but there was no wind to speak of and I knew that by the time we marched uphill to the 18th green, my shirt would be soaked through.
I was playing Wilson Ultra's mainly because they were free from work and no one else would use them. I have always been notoriously cheap about the type of balls I use and it wasn't until last year that I started to use a premium ball. I am sure that it really is nothing more than psychological but I am scoring better since I made the switch. The first hole is straightaway Par 4 next to the golf house and the clubhouse. Very Intinimadating. If you hook it about 100 yards out, you could be seeing people diving out of the way at the driving range. I always hope for at least 200 straight out so I never swing to hard. Back in 1995 though, I was a stupid golfer who relied on raw power and felt that I could stop a ball on the green exactly next to the flag no matter how long and iron shot it was. Well i can't remember where my tee shot went or if I was long or short of the green on my 2nd shot, most likely long since i would have tried to muscle it to the green, but I do know that I was on in 3 and 3 putted. I have never been a very good putter. I have no touch and I have a bad eye. I come up short quite a bit but my putting finally has gotten a little better of late. It couldn't be any worse than the round I played in the mid 80's at Arrowhead in Colorado where I shot a 97 with 53 Putts !!! I 3 putted all but one green !!! Pathetic but that meant that I stepped up to the tee box on the 2nd hole already 2 over and kind of pissed.
The 2nd hole is a slightly downhill 138 Par 3 with a twisting brook running along the right side of the green, not much room on that side and the grass sloped down to the water, and overhanging trees to the left of the green. the pin was set middle left so any shot would have to hug the trees or would have to hit a tree & ricochet onto the green. I hate Par 3's so i fully expected to be in the rough, water or sand but certainly not the green. I do think that a strong part of my game has always been fairly solid between 75-150yds out (rough more so than fairway) but put me on a tee box and I yank it every which direction.
so with all that in mind, I stepped up to the tee box to lead our group off. I set the tee low & deep and placed the ball lightly on it. I straightened up, licked my left palm (nervous habit) and gripped my 8 iron. I took one practice swing and took a small divot (Don't do that I think). I step up to the ball with the ball just slightly off the front of my left foot. I give the club a little pre-sergio waggle and raise my self up & down ever so slightly on my toes. I pulled back and felt the swing as the club made what felt like clean contact with the ball. I lifted my head after the follow through and caught sight of the ball in what looked like a bee line for the cup. I knew if would probably land a good 15' past the pin but i didn't care, it felt good. It began to look really good too. It steadily picked up speed as it streaked downward toward the green. It hit and with a short almost unnoticeable bounce the ball was in the cup. The swampdad started yelling "Did you see that !!!" and dancing around the tee box. The swampsis was stunned and I was trying to quiet dad because there were people putting on the 1st green. when we got to the green i saw that the ball had landed at the edge of the cup and collapsed a good chunk of the side. It was an unforgettable shot.
Now most people save their hole in one balls for psterity's sake. I drove mine into the pond in # 3 never to be seen again with my very next swing of the club.
Non-golfers who have gotten this far probably can't understand what the big deal is about a hole-in-one. it's hard to explain. it is in most cases, the most perfect shot you could hit at that moment. it's been 12 years and I have only hit the green 3 times since. It's a mental bloc now. I keep expecting to do it again.
So happy 12th birthday hole-in-one, I wish you had some siblings. I hope it hasn't been to hard on you being an only child.
quietly waiting for that next perfect shot....swampy abides....

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So I drove down to Atlantic City today in order to take part in an industry trade show. Which of course meant that somewhere around mile marker 105 on the Garden State Parkway, my inner jersey boy comes to the fore and I pop in my Bruce Springsteen mix. In most instances I can’t help but pop in “Incident on 57th street” & “Rosalita”, as these two songs really can’t be played without each other. Though I do have them both in my ipod shuffle, it really is a surprise when I am listening to the final piano solo that leads into the killing sax explosion of the opening notes of “Rosalita” and suddenly have one of my wife’s power hair band love ballads come on instead. And those two songs best display Bruce’s early ability, in fact I would argue that “The Wild & The Innocent & the Estreet Shuffle” is the most complete Bruce album of his whole repertoire. It showcased the mastery of the piano solo, the raw power of the driving electric guitar, the lightness of the acoustic, the use of Bruce’s vocals as an strument and most of the incredible sax of Clarence Clemons. That sax is what helped to set Bruce apart at the time . And there was a time that it could almost be argued that Clarence was almost a bigger star than Bruce himself but as his solo album showed & Bruce’s career showed, Bruce could make it without Clarence but Clarence could not make it without Bruce but how the hell did I get all the way to here from trying to decide where to start on my bruce disc this trip ? Well another recent choice had been the long time favorite “10th Avenue Freeze Out”, a song that I always found to be far superior to the more commercial & mainstream “Born to Run”. But today I picked “Jungleland”. I do believe that this was the first time that I had ever picked “Jungleland” and I was not disappointed because I had mentioned earlier, this 9 ½ minute song, this is a song that uses all of the elements of Bruce’s early career but mostly the straining groaning wails at the end that could have been played by a sax but had a certain raw primitive feel to them that fit the title subject. I usually don’t think so deeply about Bruce but the traffic was flowing, as opposed to the Northbound side that looked like it was at a dead stop.

Did finally get here and met up with the Deadliest Catch at the Trade Show. We smiled, answered dumb questions and gave away pens & stress balls. I grabbed a couple of stress balls myself and I did get my free hot dog & indigestion. More of the same tomorrow with a rubber chicken lunch thrown in. I did get one little cool handout and I will have to go get 2 more tomorrow.

Lost $20 in the Wheel of Fortune quarter slots but it was fun having it hit on spin the wheel every so often – obviously not often enough for me since I lost. And as for not having something come up, I only hit once on $100 playing $2 bets on the $10 roulette table. I think I may go back in a few minutes because I can feel the luck that I didn’t before.

Maybe some of Tony Soprano’s luck perhaps. If you didn’t watch earlier tonight than don’t read again until I tell you too. ***SPOILER ALERT*** The WTF moment was the hit of Phil Leotardo by Tony’s B-team henchmen, A tremendous pop by the way in my opinion and one of the great WTF Hits in the Soprano’s season history. AJ is a waste of a character but a series could be built around Meadow working in the court system having to fight the prejudice of her name. Props to Agent Harris for stepping up to the plate both in the sack, that agent was way too hot for balding anti-terrorism dudes with no real agency future but you have to love Hollywood because it is only there that these writers can live their fantasies vicariously through the characters they create. Janice & Junior ride off their separate ways. Janice in her search for $$$ or someone to support her. Junior into further dementia. Or was he crazy ?The final scene was so overt in it’s red herrings that you had to know that nothing was going to happen and that life goes on. Thought the cable had gone out but then I realized the final 2 words of the song were “Don’t Stop” and the credits rolled. I have zero complaints. None. I liked the ending. I can’t wait to watch with Mrs. Swampy for her opinions and does she ever have them. ****OKAY TO READ AGAIN****

Gatorade Citrus Cooler & Mango Electrico are the 2 best flavors they make outside of Lemonade. Made sure that I was pounding the gate while I was working this weekend.

More later on the special anniversary coming up in SwampyWorld.

Quietly waiting for KC & The Sunshine Band on July 13 & 14…..swampy abides

Friday, June 08, 2007

Bikini Clad Babes Wielding Bananas & Paris Hilton Goes Back 2 Jail !!! Current mood: excited Category: Blogging

It's a Fridy quickie and don't we all like those......

Let's start with the latest breaking news of the day. Our streets are safe again for our children as Paris Hilton has been ordered back to jail to serve out her entire 45 day sentence. She was taken screaming from the court – "It's not fair !!!!" Too bad sweetheart. Hope they toss you into the general population now.

And now for the story that should have led today's Friday blog – For the 2nd morning in a row, Bikini Clad Bimbos were handing out bananas to commuters in hopes that you would get a "Bikini Body" at iO Cable Digital Channel 502 Lifeskool TV. I missed yesterday morning (significantly cooler too) because they weren't ready ay 7:25am when I emerged from Penn Station onto 7th ave but they were there this morning. The young lady I got my banana from was actually quite attractive but I had a look on her face that said "I haven't had to grab this many bananas this fast since we all fell into Jimmy's pool at a party in the Hamptons last summer". I also got a free USA Today but skipped the free AM NY that Puddle Man tried to force on me. NOT ! Now if I can only score some free popcorn from Gardetto's on the ride home…..

Had lunch at Blockheads on 3rd Ave today. Awesome jerk chicken burrito. They also invite you to email them and comment on the music they play in the restaurant. I could have sworn that I heard Tom Jones singing "Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads" so I emailed them from my table. Had an answer minutes later – It was Tom Jones & The Cardigans – hello iTunes !!!

Another big bonus was the young lady in the red & white striped dress that "Sharon Stoned" me 3 times while she waited for her loser date to show up. Yes my darling, I white lace thong really worked for you. Thank you darling.

Why would anyone eat Pig Snout ? And why would anyone order Pig Snout ? Only one person I know can answer that question for us and he will probably comment about how he smoked the Pig Snout too.

Many new faces leaving blog comments thanks to my mediocre appearance in Blogger Bowl II – Bakes on the other hand seems to be the Flavor of the Month – you go Bakes !!!

Jeff Bridges brings back "The Dude" for "Surf's Up" – a most excellent reason to take the kids to see yet another animated penguin movie.

Still 3rd rate candy in the vending machine but it is bound to better than whatever Paris is hopefully being force fed in jail !!!

Quietly trying to make it through the rest of the day without answering my phone because that is the reason that God invented voice mail….swampy abides…..

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cake in the kitchen, The Sopranos & which Springsteen song to play as I pass Asbury Park Current mood: working Category: Blogging
Today's blog is allegedly sponsored in part by Jumex Mango! - the official drink of the 39th Street Mujera de las Tamales and the front steps of the Williams Club.

I have over 1900 songs on my iPod and I can't begin to tell you how many of them I can't stand & totally suck. And I am not just talking about the collection of Mrs. Swampy's Power Hair Band Love Ballads from the 80's either. I really need to start deleting and now.

As a Hockey Purist, I hated seeing the Anaheim Ducks win the STANLEY CUP last night. As a Hockey Fan, I loved seeing the presentation of the CUP. No trophy means more to the players & the fans alike. Nothing however will ever top 1994.

WTF !!! Paris Hilton is out of jail for medical reasons ? What, they didn't want the other inmates getting crabs ? How soon before some designer comes up with high fashion cover for her ankle bracelet ?

4am TV has been brutal since the end of the regular season but Top Chef started with an all-star challenge last night – guess I will have to watch that one tomorrow since I was a lazy bastard again this morning and slept through my alarm again too.

Hammy was seriously old school in the final panel of Over The Hedge this morning. I have said it before, he gets the best throwaway lines of any character on the comics pages.

And speaking of the comics page – would someone please put me out of my misery and kill Diesel Sweeties ? Consistently unfunny but like a wreck on the side of the road, I have to slow down & look……

I was reminded elsewhere (thanks !113}l) about what great movies both True Grit & Rooster Cogburn were – you should also read her blogs - anyone who syncs up the theme from Sanford & Son with her blog is more than alright by me.

If I had had a broom handle or a large stick in my hand yesterday on my walk home, I would have stuck it in the spokes of the pedal cab that decided red lights don't apply – I hate pedal cabs and suitcases on rollers but that is for another blog - the long awaited "2+ hour commute home from hell" blog – I will also address the poor AM New York guy who hands out papers in the AM & PM who feels that commuting makes people mean and that we treat him like a puddle. I may step in puddles but I step around him. From this day forward though, he will be known as Puddle Man – they put his pic in the paper too.

Cake in the kitchen again ? But I just got done with the BIG cookie from Sick Charlie's. So much for my girlish figure this month.

As the date for Harry Potter 7 gets closer & closer, I am starting to hear more & more spoilers – I am only 300 pages into Book 5 so I either need to close my eyes & ears or read faster. Swamprat # 1 has made it quite clear that the answer is read faster.

Still no offers on the house but at least there have been a few more showings – still hurt to write that 2nd mortgage check – felt like I was using Professor Umbridge's special quill.

The Sopranos – Final Episode this Sunday Night – what will happen ? My theory right now (and you can just spin the wheel to get about 10 more from me any time) is that Janice will whack Tony and she & Uncle Junior will close out the series sipping drinks on the porch of Bobby's lake cabin in the Adirondacks. Phil respects Uncle Junior and the old ways & traditions of the mob and Janice is the closest thing they have to Livia left on the show. Now tell me I'm wrong and tell me what you think is going to happen.

Chai Tea Lattes in the afternoon are good but by the time I get to my train parking lot, I'm walking cross-legged. I know – too much info – I also can't help myself but even though I know the orange mocha cappuccinos suck, I still grab the free samples they have out.

I'll be "Hopping Mad" if I don't break double digits in the Blogger Bowl.

Actually, I won't……

I have always listened to "Incident on 57th Street" & "Rosalita" every time I have passed the first Asbury Park exit on the Garden State Parkway but this time I am thinking "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out"

Would someone just please drive a stake into the heart of the Yankees – I can't bear to hear any more about their chances for catching the Bosox & the wildcard.

Back to an old favorite - The Wedding Café NY - for just a minute. This is an actual excerpt from their website – "At Wedding Cafe NY, there are no salespeople to avoid, just a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself preparing the beautiful wedding you've always imagined." – no crap – there is NEVER anyone in there so how could anyone ever feel pressured ? It's June for god sake – shouldn't there be someone in there ?

Quietly hoping I can get a halfway normal person in the seat next to me on the train tonight……swampy abides……
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Elvis parked next to me at the train station today & an anniversary is fast approaching.... Current mood: working Category: Blogging

Paris Hilton – Inmate # 9818783

She will emerge a "bigger" star than before and will sell interviews & articles to the media left & right. I would not be surprised to find a journalist willingly getting a record to be in the same lock up with her. I have even already heard that her Day 1 orange prison jumpsuit is on E-Bay. What's next ? The soap she used in her first shower ? American needs to say enough is enough. I promise (like a politician) that this will be my last mention of Paris while she is incarcerated.

Well maybe this will be the last item, I said it before but she really should release a version of "Jailhouse Rock" when she gets out.

I tried to drop a picture into a comment earlier today and screwed it up bigtime – sorry Levi – I just need to remember that when it comes to technology, I am all about sticks & rocks. At least I learned how to html some links.

With all of the legal problems that Michael Vick seems to be having, it looks like Falcons fans are going to have to get ready to embrace the "Joey Harrington Era". Bet you dirty bird fans never thought that you would be missing Matt Schaub.

Crawfish Fest was hot & humid on Sunday but the food & music were hotter. Always a good time in the middle of nowhere NJ.

Is the kid from "Two and a Half Men" really supposed to be Jimmy Osmond ? They certainly look a lot alike. And 50 years in show business ? Is that what I heard about the Osmonds ? Scary.

Played golf yesterday at the home of the 2006 PGA Championship – Baltusrol Country Club. For those of you who don't know, this is one of the all time great golf courses and a very stuffy & pretentious club. They would never let me join as a member but they did let me play as a guest in an outing yesterday. Now I won't bore you with all of the details of my round but I will tell you that for only the 2nd time in my golfing life, I played the whole round with the same ball. Never stuck it in the woods, never stuck it right in the "Old Lumber Yard", never lost it in the long grass. I still hit it too many times and I missed all of my birdie putts & 2 of my par putts. Guess I should have believed the reads my caddy was giving me but his first few reads sucked and I took too long to realize that he wasn't jacking me on the back nine and I should have believed him. I am also still way too much in love with my 60 degree lob wedge, I am hitting shorter with my approach irons than last year and my 4 iron seems to have forgiven me for my fling last summer with my Taylor Made Rescue Clubs. More to come as the golf season progresses…….

Blogger Bowl II starts tomorrow and I can't find the link to vote for me anymore – oh well – so much for my shameless plug.

Headed to AC with the Deadliest Catch to work a trade show Sunday & Monday – look for reports from the casino floor…….

I saw that Sam Adams, former Cincinnati Bengal, signed with the Denver Broncos this weekend. Do you think the Broncos & Bengals have a reciprocal arrangement worked out with their respective probation officers so players that move between the 2 teams can keep their current parole officers ? Makes sense to me.

Saw "The World's Fastest Indian" the other night on DVD – I can see why Levi likes it so much – my neighbor has the last Indian made and you can really hear it when he cranks it up.

In light of my Jan 28 2004 blog re-emerging the other night, I actually went back in time and did find my first "10 Things I Think I Thunk" email that got sent out to a select few unfortunate readers – it was from January 2002 – some night when I am bored you may get to see it again too.

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia !!!" – I think that accurately describes my 2 eldest swamprats relationship.

I know it is not just me but many Rangers fans are going to have a hard time cheering for Scott Gomez if he signs with the Blueshirts. And in another hockey note, the Anaheim Ducks are just one win away from the CUP – the horror. I wonder if Emilio Estevez will start wandering around DisneyWorld dressed as Gordon Bombay in hopes of having people stop him for autographs & pictures like they do Captain Jack Sparrow.

Elvis parked next to me at the train station this morning. I don't know about you but it always makes me feel better to know that the King is on my train – uh huh huh, huh, yeahhhhhhhh, I'm all shook up……..

And finally, a very special anniversary is coming up in SwampyWorld soon – make sure to check back here often for updates. (spoken like the true page view whore that I am)

Quietly hoping you won't notice the 2006 mechanical bull pics in my profile………swampy abides………

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Let's start right out with what I felt was the biggest story of the day both last night & this morning. What was a Canadian doing in the finals of the National SPELLING Bee ? No offense to our neighbors to the north but they seem to bristle a lot when they are referred to as the 51st state so why were they in the National Spelling Bee ? I am glad the kid from California won. I used to live 2 towns down from him when I lived out there.

When are they going to get rid of the crappy French Roast swill and bring back the Extra Bold Sumatra blend for our office coffee machine ? And when are they going to quit stocking the vending machine with 2nd rate candy & snacks. I know I could walk a block to go get something good but I am too lazy for that so this afternoon I am stuck with a Butterfinger Crisp bar.

Does anyone care about the French Open ? Does it actually get less respect than the Australian Open ?

"Gimme 3 Steps' came up on my iPod shuffle as I walked out of Penn Station this morning. Great song but it probably would have been a better fit for when I walked out of the building tonight.

Only 16 days until Father's Day. I use Taylor Made Red golf balls in case anyone didn't know what to get me.

On the work front, some real pieces of dog crap have been coming in the door recently. I can't pooper scooper them out fast enough.

Maybe it's just me but how can anyone fall asleep in a Starbucks ?

I like Joe Scarborough on "Scarborough Country" but "Morning Joe" on the radio & MSNBC the last 2 days was even better. He's a lot looser and more free form. Best substitute host for IMUS yet on WFAN.

I use voices when I read chapter books to my kids – there is one voice from Home Office that when the kids hear it, they know it means pure evil…..

Babysitter cancelled for tomorrow night – I may not get to ride the mechanical bull. But if it rains, she can babysit. Teenagers……

On the real estate front I started paying 2 mortgages today….MAKE ME AN OFFER !!!!

LeBron scores 25 straight points to win Game 5 in Detroit – 25 straight ? Is he this year's Dwyane Wade ? Have I ever been more wrong in all of my NBA Playoff Predictions ? Do I actually care ? Nope…..

I entered "Blogger Bowl II" for some dumb reason – oh yeah, I was bored. Then I entered Bakes in the same category. 2nd place looks pretty good.

Still haven't seen anyone in the Wedding Café on 38th but now that it is June, maybe I will.

I missed the Asian Internet Access for $1 Lady on 5th yesterday and now that she is wearing her summer "I clash with everything" wardrobe, that is hard to do.

Playing golf on Monday at Baltusrol. They would stop me at the gates if they only knew. Get ready for a stroke by stroke blog on Tuesday if I play well. Just don't hold your breath waiting too long…….

Quietly wondering if it football season yet because I really do hate baseball….swampy abides