Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A good friend of mine just resigned this morning. He is going to be missed.

Monday, January 30, 2006

you'll love me - you'll hate me and you will beat my 20 by a landslide but I doubt you can beat my slacker assistant's 262

Now they are even spamming the comments section - what will these people think of next ?

And 3886 in Yeti Golf ? I thunk that someone needs a job....... :)
I feel like that kid from the Trenton Thunder who got called up to play CF for the Yankees last year - he made an error on the first ball hit to him and now I'm lining up the 2nd ball hit my way.......

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Isn't there something very wrong about Sen. Ted Kennedy naming his dog "Splash" ?

Alligator Chili is the latest Super Bowl menu addition

I have to quit watching the previews of LOST.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ellen Barkin was never a classic beauty but I just saw a picture of her today on the NY Post Page Six website and the years have not been kind to her at all. This just can't be the same woman from "The Big Easy".......

Paul Shirley (ex-Phoenix Suns) has a BLOG on ESPN that I did not know about - he ramblings last year as the 12th man were hilarious - I guess I now have new bathroom reading for the time I have nothing new from the Sports Guy to read

Is it really that hard to merge ? Left, right, left, right - is one car length really going to matter in the whole scheme of things ?????

watched a Sanford & Son episode the other day with my 5 year old daughter - I don't know who laughed harder

The Rangers can't lose to Buffalo at home and waste another great performance by Henrik - those are 2 points that I know will come back to haunt us in the end.....

# 66 retires - I never liked him but I respected & feared him - good story about him for another time

Monday, January 23, 2006

You can't get them all right - you can't win if you can't stop the pass and can't hang onto the ball. The Broncos secondary has been suspect all year and their lack of a decent pass rush let the man with the Amish Farm Boy Beard pick them apart. Jesus Christ turned back into his old self on his pick just before the half and again with his pick early in the 4th quarter. I won't blame him for his final fumble.

Now that my team is out, the super bowl becomes food, commercials and 100 square pools.....

The Rangers beat the devils and snapped their 9 game win streak - in Henrik we trust !!!

Sahara may not have been a great movie or all that true to the book (which was one of Cussler's stupider plotlines) but it was still fun to watch and the tunes were great. Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn make a great pair and I would actually welcome a sequel.

Best part of the NFC Title game for me (since I didn't bother to watch it) was at the end of the National Anthem when they had a close up of Carrie Underwood and you could see her mouth the word "Wow"......

Mamba scores 81 and the world yawns - Phil Jackson has officially sold himself out.....

I got a free Quaker Oatmeal to Go with my Sunday paper - it's not good......

Gary Kubiak will be a great coach for the Texans......

Friday, January 20, 2006

It’s NFL Championship weekend and the pretenders have all fallen by the wayside, the defending champs have been slain and Mike Vanderjagt is still in hiding……..I’m glad that the call on the field was what it was when Champ got killed by Ben Watson because the video that had was as inconclusive as it gets – I don’t think that Bill Belichick’s proposed goal line cam would have helped………I don’t like bad pass interference calls anymore than the next fan but I don’t think that those calls should be reviewable by replay……….I love how everyone is jumping on the Steelers bandwagon just because they beat the Colts – a team that had it’s soft underbelly exposed in the final 3 weeks of the season and were led by choke-azz Peyton Manning and the emasculated one, Tony Dungy ? The Broncos beat the 2 time defending Super Duper Bowl champs – made them implode – and no one seems to give that any respect – I say keep picking against the Broncos, we like proving you wrong…………..Carolina is going to miss Julius Pepper’s ferocity due to his trying to play with a separated shoulder more than they are going to miss Deshaun Foster – hard to pick against Steve Smith though…

Hey Crabman’s turtle !!!

Speaking of the SuperDuper Bowl – it’s time to start thunking about my menu for the game – sweet potato/black bean burritos and a hot Stone Crab Dip may both have to make a return trip this year – Uncle Dougie’s Chicken Wings and slow cooked babyback ribs are staples that no go away…….

Eatsbound 78 has been less a restrictor plate race this week and more like the grinder at Martinsville…….

Dolly Parton’s version of “Imagine” is actually not half bad and is made better by the video – Kenny Rogers latest song/video shows that he really ought to stick to chicken these days…….

Mark Messier Night at MSG was great – it was 1994 all over again – unfortunately it went on so long that I think it started in 1994 – the puck didn’t drop until almost 8:45pm……I have been at the Garden now for Giacomin Night, Richter Night and Messier Night – only missing Rod Gilbert – I plan to be there for Brian Leetch Night and I better be there when they have Adam Graves Night……the fact that Chris Russo dismisses the idea of retiring # 9 just tells me (yet again) that he knows absolutely nothing about hockey and is nothing more than a loudmouth fan who got lucky……

Antonio Davis did what any of us would have done and the NBA should repeal the rest of his 5 game suspension…….

The Mr. Eko flashback episode was one of the best episodes of LOST this season, if not the best – Zeke’s cry of “Light em up !!!” this week would have had more impact if we hadn’t seen it already countless times in the previews and ads……..Charlie is a junkie – plain & simple – he won’t change and it will lead to his death on the island…….Hurley still hasn’t lost any weight (thanks Mark) but his whole “classic desert island scenario” with regard to Dirty Libby was great……Sawyer continues to be the best character week in and week out……..the Italian daughter who kissed Jack needs to somehow magically appear on the island or at least land another show so we can see her each week

Speaking of seeing an actress each week on your TV, I hope you didn’t blink when Heather Graham’s show debuted because you aren’t going to be seeing her anymore……..

So A-Rod is going to play for the USA in the World Baseball Classic – guess that means that the Dominican Republic will win since every team that A-Rod leaves automatically gets better…..

The chick who plays the Fiddle for Clumsy Lovers looks like the hotter trampier sister of the chick who plays the fiddle for Nickelcreek……

American Idol has started but I won’t start watching until the voting starts – I really can’t get in to the freak show that Fox parades out on screen every night during the trials…….it is fun to see Paula Abdul actually tell someone that they aren’t any good…….Carrie Underwood looks like her record sales may eclipse those of Kelly Clarkson……..

When does Survivor Exile Island start ? When does the next Amazing Race start ?

Fantasy Office Sumo Match-ups are a great way to kill time…….

Elway’s helicopter spin for a first down against Green Bay should be on every Super Bowl highlight reel…….

Ben Watson’s awesome tackle of Champ Bailey should be required viewing for all youth football players – don’t showboat until you are in the endzone and never give up on a play are the lessons learned

Still can’t get excited at all for college hoops this year though I did get a kick out of the kid from USC with the “Fro Hawk” and with the fact that the USC football teams scored more points (66) on UCLA than the USC Basketball team (45)…….

So Mike Tice got fired 40 minutes after the Vikings last game – I think the owners waited 39 minutes too long…….

SheDaisy does a dead on spoof of “Desperate Housewives” in their new video and I’m with Jace Everett, I would want to do “Bad Things” with the the chick in his latest video too…….

Cindy Brunson may be the queen of ESPN News but with each passing day, Michelle Bonner gets better & better – her attitude and sense of humor are making her a lot more attractive…….

Does anyone really watch NFL Access ?

The transcript of Paris Hilton’s Deposition is online at www.nypost.com – I had to quit after 19 pages – the screaming sounds of my brain cells committing suicide got to be too much for me……

Miss America will be crowned in Las Vegas this weekend and the Miss South Dakota grainy sex tape will be on the web by Monday…….

Crabman pushing the office supply cart last night was priceless – Jon Favreau was great the week before and now Juliette Lewis wants to be on “Earl” too – guest starring on the show could become the next big thing in Hollywood…….

Another C List Celebrity pseudo undresses in Playboy and more & more the only reason to get Playboy are the Party Jokes and even most of those are coming around for a 3rd & 4th time……

And say it ain’t so, according to the NY Daily News, Bobby Brown was overheard at Foxwoods saying that he & Whitney are getting a divorce – I wonder who would get the house down the street from me ???

Thanks for your time – you have been a great audience…….

Denver 27 Pittsburgh 23
Seattle 31 Carolina 27

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

2 weeks ? Where the hell have I been ? So much to talk about that I will hit some small items now and then go for the BIG THUNKS on Friday.......

Vince Young was God-Like in that Rose Bowl game - was there ever any doubt that he would score the game winning TD ? The pictures after the games of him standing there while the celebration went on around him were awesome.

Finally saw Wedding Crashers - could have watched it all over again the next night

Now Lindsay Lohan says she was mis-quoted - who could have thunked that would happen ?

I have been bested at YETI GOLF - 3737 - good thing I don't have anything else I feel like doing the rest of today here at work...

with that said, it's off to the Links - catch you on Friday with NFL, NHL and more mindless ramblings........

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why do people who don't smoke, go out for smoke breaks ?

Lindsay Lohan did drugs and suffered from bulimia ? Who would have thunked that ?

Texas 37 USC 34 - I reserve the right to change my mind later today.....