Thursday, January 29, 2004

# 8 for # 88 was just further proof that Big Deal Neil sold his soul to the devil back in 1994

I was there to see the Rangers win the Cup so I can't really fault him

I need to order some more alligator burgers

thought I fixed my broken nordictrack last night by scavenging parts from an old machine - this morning the other drivewheel broke so I give up and I will wait for the parts and the repair man

I like shoveling snow at night - it's quiet and you see the footprints of the animals that normally stay in during the daylight hours

still no Pier 11 service

All-star Survivor is a must - so is tonight's episode of "The Apprentice" - I am still ashamed that I watch this show......

Draft # 1 of my SuperDuperBowl Menu to be posted later today

I'm here all day - don't forget to try the chowder

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