Friday, August 26, 2005

I think my next fantasy team is going to be named "Shapely Adorables"
This morning there were 13 vultures on the building - yesterday there was only one and he did not look happy - even more ticked off than the large woman I just saw in the cafeteria who missed out on the last Cheese Danish..........

Miss America is leaving Atlantic City - they should move it to Vegas - the potential for yearly scandal would be off the charts and it would definitely help elevate the level of the contestants

The kids are stepping in and stepping up for the Mets - 4 in a row in AZ to start this 7 game trip - Mike Jacobs went 1-3 last night and his average slipped to .500 - I really hope this kid is real - the corners of the Mets infield would be set for years to come.......and I was right, the Mets really aren't missing Piazza that much - even he joked about it last night - this team is 7 over .500 with 24 of their remaining 35 against the NL East where they have a 27-23 record - they have their season in their own hands now

Would someone in the AL please finally put the stake in the heart of the Yankees ??? This is getting ridiculous - now Cleveland is stepping it up since the A's have somewhat faltered in the Wild Card race - and Yankee fans, your team has a $210M payroll - shouldn't they be playing for the Division Title and not just the Wild Card ?

Are White Bucks too formal for the office on Casual Friday ?

Jets-Giants tonight - will the brawl in Albany make a reappearance ? Probably not on the field but it will in the stands - only Giants and Eagles fans probably fight more often.......I am still a long way from convincing myself that Ron Dayne is real.....fantasy football draft is coming up next week and I need to finish my pre-rankings - I also need to join a public league where I can be the king of the waiver wire - I also need to start up a salary cap league and find another 2 or 3 more suicide pools to join........I haven't paid attention to any of the pre-season college football coverage yet - I have seen a lot of replays of games from last year on the various Fox sports channels - I'll be psyched to have the games back for real come the fall - they will fill an awful lot of those 5am workout slots - the more obscure the conference, the better

Some mornings just say Toby Keith and this was one of those mornings

Now Sports Illustrated is looking into the Outdoor Life Network - there may be hope for me seeing NHL games after all - I would hate to be stuck with only being able to see the Devils or the Fishstix when my Rangers aren't on.......Rangers signed another very large young player with impressive penalty minutes down in the AHL - they may not be all that good this year but it looks like the fans at MSG will be getting their money's worth - especially since Dolan actually did lower the price by 10% this year like he was strange seeing Brian Leetch in a Toronto jersey last year but seeing him in a Bruins jersey this year is going to hurt as much as seeing Brad Park in a Bruins jersey all those years ago.......Rick Middleton for Ken Hodge is still a trade that haunts me late at night......where did the Penguins suddenly get $$$$ ????.......Does anyone actually care about the Flyers ? I know I don't. There actually isn't another sport where I really dislike every other team in the league as much as I dislike the other teams in the NHL - I can tolerate most of the Western Conference teams but I can't find a single redeeming thing to say about another Eastern Coference team - it's just the way it is.

I haven't see Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith and quite frankly I am not in a real hurry to see it either - it sounds like he hasn't quite hit his stride yet with the show anyway.

LOST Season 1 DVD on 9/6 – 2nd season premiere on 9/21 at 9pm Eastern…….

I'm late on this one but it is called the "Alan Houston Rule" for a reason !!!! The basketball does not promise to be pretty at MSG this year....

Last week's culinary adventure was Scallop Pizza with Red & Yellow Tomato sauces and Manchego cheese (thank you Rachel Ray for the cheese) - quick easy and real good if I do say so myself - not sure what is on tap for the weekend but I have all day Sunday to experiment in the kitchen

Back to Fantasy Football - it's my annual quandary - do I ban all of the other AFC West teams (and the Giants) from my rosters or do I sell out to the awesome stats of Priest, Gates, Moss and most likely, Lamont Jordan ? Probably only in my public league

Van Zant's "Help Somebody" and Brad Paisley's "Alcohol" are my two new current favorites in the rotation on VH1 Country - I still have to shake my head at Faith Hill's attempt at rocking out in her "Mississippi Girl" video - I have never seen her in concert but it just doesn't look natural for her - I liked her blonde better

More shallow news bunny news from your truly, Erica Hill has re-surfaced (or I actually finally found her) on CNN Headline News Prime News Show every night - I miss her at 5am......Carol Costello & Kristine Johnson have both been on vacation this week and greatly missed.....

Is it ever smart to pick a road team in a Suicide Pool ?

Hello Jessica Simpson, this is a sandwich, you eat it. ......CMT showed the "new" version of her Boots video last night - no more pink bikini car wash - got replaced by random clips from the movie......why ?

I have had the chance to have some real Colombian Coffee the last 2 mornings and now I know why they smoke so much weed down there too - this stuff could give Espresso a run for it's money....

I'm banking on Jeff Gordon to show some pride this weekend in Bristol - some no name is going to three jack & steer job himself to a win in the PGA's Buick No Name Championship - my own golf game continues it's sabbatical which is probably a good thing....

Thanks for wasting your time reading this - Whiskey for my men and Beer for my horses.......

Monday, August 22, 2005

just a few short days ago, the dynamics around here changed in so many different ways that I still can't comprehend it all......still the most amazing thing on earth

staying home this past week has given me less time to post and less time to reflect on the little oddities and irrelevances that life throws you....I can also state for the record that weekday morning TV is no better after 7am than it is at 5am - 6am may have the strongest hour with Imus, Fox & Friends First, Mike & Mike, CMT, Robin Meade and the Lost World all kicking off at the same time.....speaking of kickoffs, many more bits & pieces seen of preseason games this weekend courtesy of the NFL Network - still no clue how to rank my players for my fantasy draft - I need to get a team in a Yahoo Public League - those are the teams where I wear out the waiver wire picking up every unknown flash in the pan I can find

Ron Dayne had another huge game this weekend and may have just solidified that spot on the roster - yet another promising young player who could not handle the pressures & expectations of NYC - Denver has a microscope all of it's own - better give something good out on is Jerry Rice doing ? I missed the re-broadcast of the Niners/Donkey game this afternoon - I need to cruise

So Tiger flew home while he was technically still in the hunt. Many people have already said it but I would have to thunk that an awful lot of people at the PGA would have been stepping on their dicks trying to figure out a way to have a Tuesday Playoff or would they have waited until late afternoon to start the playoff so that Tiger could have flown back - Lefty made these questions irrelevant but they would make a good argument at the 19th hole.

Saw "March of the Penguins" this past weekend - we now need to see a documentary of the Leopard Seal now !!!! .......How much longer until "Wedding Crashers" gets to DVD ?....... The Sopranos is coming back for an additional 8 episodes in 2007 - we still haven't seen Season 5 yet......Still don't see a movie out there being worth $100.......Did Rachel Blakely ever come to her senses and do some soft core ? Why isn't Xena on in the morning ? The NHL is on the Outdoor Life Network this season ? Does that mean we get a Pond Hockey Game of the Week ? OLN is part of the Arts package for my cable system - this is not going to work - Patriot Media will be hearing from me daily. "LOST" returns on September 21 and that is not a moment too soon. Saw an "Iron Chef" repeat last night where the challenger only plated 2 dishes - sounds like he worked at Hell's Kitchen. "Two and a Half Men" is slowly becoming a guilty pleasure that you no longer have to feel guilty about watching. If you are still watching "Yes Dear" then you should just be ashamed of yourself.......

The Mets will keep it interesting for their fans with regard to the wildcard but Braden Looper is making me miss Armando and that just doesn't feel right.....Piazza is the newest Met on the shelf but I really don't think they will miss him as much as they Kris Benson won't be getting any at home any time soon after he bombed on Sunday......nice to see George & Joe try to take the spotlight off their underperforming check cashing $210m payroll

that's all for now - read Dan Jenkins

Monday, August 15, 2005

You just have to know that Phil Mickelson was praying for lightning yesterday as his game continued to melt in the hot NJ sun. Last night's rain has softened the greens and the humidity & temperature are both down too. Another player who will benefit today is Vijay. He is perfectly capable of tossing birds at 17 & 18 - in fact he has birdied 18 all 3 rounds. Ben Curtis wore NY Giants gear and proceeded to cough up a 77 and take himself out of contention. Good sign for the real Giants. Think Tiger really wanted to stick around another day today ? The weather has pretty much guaranteed that the field won't come back to him but this is golf, so stranger things have happened. He can't afford to not be here. Play starts again at 10:05am - back later with more thunks.....

Got to love the NFL Network and their primetime Saturday night pre-season football coverage. It is like NCAA Hoops Tourney coverage. And to have it all again on Sunday morning during my workout ? Excellent morning viewing choice. One thing does irk me about watching preseason football from regional feeds - if you are the visiting team, you are virtually ignored by the announcers. You might as well watch without the sound.

Monday, August 08, 2005

13 vultures on the edge of the building this AM and they are sneaking ever closer to the front doors......left the house 10 minutes later than usual and saw 2 to 3 times more bike riders in the swamp - packs of riders can be more annoying than landscaping trucks

Pre-season Football has started !!!!

Thanks to the scrapped Shuttle landing this morning, the News Bunnys were out in force at 5am - Kiran Chetry, Christi Paul, Kristine Johnson and Carol Costello - too bad Juliet Huddy, Erica Hill and Robin Meade weren't doing remote spots.....

Mrs. Leetch - I'll miss you.....

The Great One goes behind the bench - how soon before the Messiah does too ?

Yahoo Launchcast labels some bands as Alternative Country yet doesn't have a sub-group to listen to for it - this needs to be done Faith Hill trying to look like Julia Roberts ? She was hotter as a blonde.......and isn't it about time for some new bumpers on VH1 Country - the Dixie Chicks aren't fat and Lee Ann Rimes is still a virginal kid.....

Pre-Season Football has started !!!!!

Still singing the praises of my wireless headphones - though they are a little big and a little hot

Mike Piazza is still swinging that hot bat in the # 6 spot - too bad the Mets can't seem to put a major run together - they should be a lot better than a .500 team....

That's it for now - I know there will be more after I log off

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of "This Old Shuttle". We are going to repair some protruding gap filler - think tile grout - with a handmade hybrid hacksaw made out of a nail file and duct have got to be kidding me ? I just hope that the astronauts make it home safely.

Tons of player movement has begun in the NHL - Martin Straka does not make me feel good enough about my season tix......Pronger for handful of role players ? Done ! Nice pickup by Edmonton

The redhead in the Pussycat Dolls video has a real nice nastiness about her - same goes for the middle blonde on the left in Jessica Simpson's latest video

I have now seen a full body shot of Robin Meade of CNN Headline News and Juliet Huddy of Fox News First now has some serious contention for the Early AM Queen of the News Bunnies - never discount Kiran Chetry though......

Anybody seen or heard from Crazy Tom Cruise and his brainwashed bride to be Katie Holmes ? Didn't think so - phase 2 of her indoctrination must be taking place. Her former soul will be posted for sale on E-Bay soon enough

Wireless Headphones - why did I wait so long. The NFL Network has never looked so good at 5am.....Live TV coverage of the Bills-Packers pre-season practice scrimmage on Friday night - how awesome is that ?

36 days until kickoff - later