Friday, March 04, 2005

The main reason that I watch VH1 Country is that I will never have the misfortune of seeing a J-LO video……….whoever in Hollywood thought it was a good idea to have Lindsay Lohan film a movie in New Orleans during Mardi Gras really needs to have their head examined……..Lamont Jordan is a great pick up for the Raiders - as a Bronco fan, I am officially scared………LOST continues to befuddle, intrigue and frustrate me - Locke, Hurley and Sawyer are great characters…….Martha Stewart is out of the Big House and is now in an even bigger house - 5 months of house arrest on a 150 acre estate ? As Martha would say, "That's a good thing."………can the contestants on this season of "The Apprentice" be any dumber or less likeable ?……….Derrick Blaylock is a nice pick up for the Jets and the signing of David Patten by the Redskins has to signal that Laveranues Coles is on his way out………while the $3.5B offer to buy the NHL is not exactly a great or realistic offer, it is a good negotiating ploy for the owners in their battle with the players………Cindy Brunson is ESPN News………I saw a hawk snag a rabbit on my way to work this morning - a little animal death is always a good way to start the day - perhaps it was an omen of things to come today…….Elvin Bishop's Live CD - "Raisin' Hell" - is my new old favorite CD. I must have had "Travelin' Shoes" cranked up to 11 on my speakers this morning……come to think of it, with Nelly and Tim McGraw doing a video together, can J-LO and the Judds be out of the realm of possibility ????……….Louisville is looking like a dark horse team for the Final 4 which means they will now probably lose in the first round of their conference tournament……Kobe settles his civil suit out of court - I wonder which cost more, the settlement or the I'm Sorry ring he bought his wife…..good to finally see a team in the Atlantic Division is finally 2 games over .500……..Jason Giambi walked twice and grounded out once - that just goes to show that you really don't need steroids to suck…..despite the snow on the ground, I can hear my golf clubs calling me - I just wish they weren't saying hacker, duffer and you suck…….a recent survey says that 25% of the work force is just showing up to collect a paycheck - what the hell is wrong with the other 75% ????…….that's it for today - don't forget to goose the coatcheck girl and do try the day old meatloaf - I'll be here all weekend…….

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