Thursday, April 07, 2005

Time to get some of the old thunks out in order to make room for the new thunks of spring………thanks to Roger Powell, Jr. lighting up the 3’s in the 2nd half and Louisville being completely incapable of making any 3’s in the 2nd, my little thunkers will not be getting any new shoes this spring………the Knicks signed Jermaine Jackson a few weeks ago and promptly went in the tank – do you think that Zeke wishes he had signed Tito instead ???..............what does it really say about The Donald and the Trump Organization that he is actually going hire one of those idiots on the Apprentice………..3 weeks ago I was skiing on an empty mountain under crystal blue skies – today I buried under a pile of files in a crowded cubicle while smelling burned popcorn and my neighbor’s onion bagel – something is very wrong with this picture………..the Denver Browns ? certainly looks that way with all of the Browns D-Line migrating west – what the F*@# is Shanahan doing ?........David Terrell signs with the Pats – I guess that Belichik figures if he can tame a malcontent like Corey Dillon than he can tame the malcontent that is Terrell……..when did Mariano Rivera become Armando Benitez ?............saw the Incredibles on an airplane the other week and the movie was still great – can’t wait to get the DVD……..The Contender is must see TV – Stallone is high comedy and all the fights are edited to look like a Rocky fight – loved it last week when Anthony doublecrossed everyone and knocked out the ill-prepared religious freak……….Rob & Amber are making it very hard not to like them on the Amazing Race especially with all the hating being directed toward them by the blatantly gay couple……….still won’t buy a CD from any of the American Idol finalists at this point but Carrie Underwood is getting closer in my mind………Nashville Star is a much better showcase for talent as the people in this show actually play instruments and write their own songs – Leeann Rimes doesn’t even look half bad……Miranda Lambert came out of this show and she is the next rising star in the country scene – she’s cute too………..drove all the way to hershey to see a good hockey fight and both teams played like a bunch of chicken Swedes – what a waste of time & mileage…..speaking of Hershey, the limited edition Fudge Reese’s beats the you know what out of the Limited edition Nestle’s Crunch with Peanut Butter…..heard on the radio that the walkoff HR by Cincy against the Mets on Opening day was the first walkoff HR on Opening Day in Cincy’s 129 year history – same old Mets……..Stephenie is the only person on Survivor Palau that I like and she got stuck with the tribe of idiots – I hope she can pull it off tonight – she is a lock for an FHM shoot after the series (I may have said that one before)………I’m tired, my fingers are sore and it finally stopped raining in Augusta………don’t forget to tip your bartender and try the crawfish – Good night Mrs. McGillicuddy wherever you are…..

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