Monday, September 25, 2006

It was a statement game but was it the Broncos saying “We aren’t that bad.” Or was it the Pats saying “We aren’t that good.” ?

Charlie Batch 1-0 Evel Knievel 0-2

The Jets may be the most entertaining underrated bunch of overachievers in the league.

Don’t let the score fool you – the Giants suck – keep talking Shockey – New York loves a loudmouth

I don’t like Chris Simms (and I hated his father) but you have to admire finishing a game with a busted spleen

Kurt Warner, meet Joe Pisarcik. It’s just too bad that Warner didn’t fumble the ball against the Chiefs

I still don’t think Da Bears are for real.

I dread reading “Monday Morning QB” by Peter King today – he is going to be fellating Brett Favre again – I just know it………

Peyton Manning ran for a TD ? I run from the TV any time I see one of his commercials come on…..again……

No T.O. this weekend and the world did not stop spinning…….

The Dolphins eliminated me last year in my suicide pool and almost did again this year……

The Iggles got well in SF but where was Donte Stallworth ? He killed my fantasy team this week…….

The Raiders should petition the league for 16 Bye weeks – at least they didn’t get blown out

A few college notes – Charlie Weis is really fat and he is really lucky (this week)……I turned my back on the TV for 2 seconds and Cal scored 28 points – what the ????......I’m starting to like Louisville a lot – West Virginia does nothing for me………Auburn vs Ohio State would be fun championship game……Joe Pa should have stayed in the head……..and Rutgers is in the Top 25 (# 23) – what is the world coming to ?

New Orleans 31 Atlanta 27 – the Crescent City falls deeper in love with Reggie Bush…….

quietly making noise.....swampy abides......

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