Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A couple of quick thunks coming out of the last few days......

Paula Creamer is going to be the next "Annika" in women's golf. She called out the euro's before the Solheim Cup and then absolutely crushed one of their biggest stars in the final round of matches on Sunday 7 & 5. She is only 19 but plays like a veteran - it also helps that she grew up in a town I used to live in many years ago

I sure am glad that the football season is 16 weeks and not just one game - I can only take solace in the fact that the Pats lost their opener a few years ago 33-0 to Buffalo but went on to win the SuperDuper Bowl. I can't even bring myself to check out the Denver Post website.

"Mad Max" was on AMC early this AM - first time I had seen it with Mel's aussie voice not being dubbed - great 5am movie but I wish they hadn't cleaned it up......

"LOST" is back in 8 days........

Juliette Huddy & Kiran Chetry hosted Fox & Friends First this past Sunday - a double dipped delight - I liked Kiran's push-up bra too - she was almost in the same league as Juliette

"Change" by the Warren Brothers is my new favorite song so far this week

and Ed McBain dies this past July - why didn't I know this ?????

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