Thursday, September 08, 2005

You asked for it (Glen) and now you got it – with apologies to Peter King, I now present my “10 Thunks I Thunk I Thunk”……

1. I have now reviewed, analyzed and scrutinized my Broncos schedule and I can honestly say that 16-0 would be a good season, 15-1 would be OK, 14-2 could be blamed on the incompetent refs blowing a call, 13-3 would be a disappointment and 12-4 or worse would be a complete and utter failure of a season and Shanahan should be fired (not that I am biased or anything) – it also helps that my nightmare of the wasted 3rd round pick is finally gone and that Jerry Rice decided that his ego couldn’t sit on the bench and work it’s 43 year old self back into the line-up

2. Bill Parcells is obviously deluded and the rest of the cowpokie fans have been smoking cow chips if they think that Drew Bledsoe is their savior – they will all be missing Quincy Carter by week 3 – and word is that Jeff Hostetler has started working out again as he is the next stop on the Parcells QB Reunion Tour….DeMarcus Ware may be the only cowpokie worth watching this year

3. Steelers fans better look for some place soft to land as Ben Roethlisberger comes crashing back to earth this year………look for Cincy to steal the AFC North this year

4. The only reasons I am watching tonight’s Pats-Raiders tilt are – it’s opening night for the NFL, to see the raiders lose and to see the raiders get injured – oh and to see the raiders lose

5. Speaking of the raiders, their offense has definitely upgraded this year with Kerry Collins channeling Daryle Lamonica, Lamont Jordan as a real RB threat and Randy Moss doing bong hits with the Raider Nation faithful but their defense still stinks – should be one track meet after another – raiders will be lucky to get to 8-8

6. Speaking of going 8-8, that is about all that Giants fans can hope for with Eli at QB this year – 4-12 is the best they can hope for if Tim “My wife is on The View” Hasselbeck plays – too bad they cut the Bachelor, they could have been even worse with him at the helm….and how did the Giants get the NFL to give them a 9th home game – the game against the Saints should have been played as close to Nawlins as possible for the sake of the team and the region.

7. Carolina will now have the SI Cover Jinx to deal with this year and as much as I hope their defense delivers (I have them on my 2 fantasy teams), I can’t see them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February – Can’t see Philly doing it either as the TO/McNabb undercurrent will continue to eat away at the team chemistry – it’s easy to bury it in the first quarter of a pre-season game

8. At least the NY Jets fans will always have 1969…….

9. and now some of my non-football thunks

a. The Mets killed their season in the place where they always commit playoff suicide by losing 3 straight in the Field of Screams that is Atlanta. Why is ESPN even still listing them in the NL Wild Card Race ?
b. I would vote out Gary Hogeboom in the first Tribal Council in this next version of Survivor just because he played for the cowpokies
c. Coffeenerdness – when is Peter King going to quit drinking liquid candy and start drinking Community Coffee Nawlins Blend ???
d. LOST starts in 2 weeks and I can’t wait – Evangeline Lilly has a permanent spot on my current LIST
e. Juicin’ Giambi must think the 10 games will be worth it because there is no other explanation for his new found lost power at the plate
f. Allison Moorer’s “Send Down An Angel” is this week’s video pick
g. Last night’s Agassi-Blake quarterfinal match was great viewing and a US Open instant classic – it reminded me of many of the McEnroe matches of another era – he was wizard at this time of year
h. Is anyone watching “Battle of the Network Reality Stars” and if they are, why ?????

10. Quick Super Bowl pick – Denver 34 Minnesota 31 (as if you couldn’t guess)………

That’s it for now – thank you for your time – don’t forget to donate to for those affected by Hurricane Katrina

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