Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Football season is 4 weeks old, the baseball playoffs start today, the puck is poised to drop on a new NHL season, the leaves are starting to fall in my yard, it’s Tiki Tuesday on Fox News First and Michael Vick is hurt again – I thunk it must be the start of Fall……..

The Vultures were next door this morning – wonder if they sensed some layoffs ????

Two words Joe Torre – shut up ! You can’t talk about the Texas Rangers and the integrity of baseball when you trot out Jared Wright in the final game of the season…..Chone Figgins is going to be stealing 2nd with regularity this series – the Yanks have less success throwing out base stealers than Mike Piazza………Angles have their rotation set and the Yanks are pitching Wang in the 2nd game – this series should be done in 4…….love the Red Sox/White Sox matchup – Big Papi will be the difference (like that’s a stretch of a call)………should the Cardinals really have to play the Padres ?

Paris Hilton is keeping her $5m engagement ring – not a bad payout for 5 months work – word is that she has moved onto another rich greek shipping heir…….

I feel sorry for everyone that has Dante Culpepper in their Fantasy Football leagues – he’s making Vinny Testaverde look like a good option……and as unbelievable as it is that the Jets would even call Vinny, word is that they also called Ken O’Brien but he couldn’t keep his feet set long enough to actually answer the phone…….Cincy may be surprising a lot of people with their 4-0 start but I called it in my preview thunks – they still have plenty of time to crash & burn……….why did it not surprise me to see Drew Bledsoe get picked off by the Burger King ???........the cowpokies can’t beat the raidazz ? they do suck……..Eli looks Peyton and now Peyton is starting to look like himself……who said that the Chiefs had a defense this year ?...........the Chargers exposed the defending champs and now the Pats get to go to Atlanta for the Michael Vick experience – lucky for them he is suffering from his annual first injury of the season……..Brett Favre is 0-4 – I wonder if Peter King is crying into his Triple Hazelnut Grande Whipped Cream Latte this morning?

The Battle of the Network Reality Stars is finally over and I have to admit I watched part of one episode. I am trying to blame it on the fact that it was 5am and there was nothing else on but I really just wanted to see how nasty Nikki McKibben was looking these days……speaking of 5am – TNT has stepped up recently with “Aliens” and “A Fistful of Dollars” – they have also killed me with “Terms of Endearment” and “Steel Magnolias” too……and speaking of “Aliens” , I have a question for Hollywood ? If the Alien can’t beat Sigourney Weaver in a glorified forklift, how could it ever beat the Predator ????

Now that school has started my commute has changed and I am restrictor plate racing on the highway each morning just like at Daytona & Talladega – I really miss the swamp in the morning……

Sports Illustrated has picked the NY Rangers to finish dead last in the NHL this year – I would be concerned with that prediction if Sports Illustrated actually had more hockey knowledge than Peter Puck…….the Outdoor Life Network has the NHL contract and I don’t have OLN in my basic cable package yet – the email campaign against Patriot Media continues…….

Mike Piazza most likely finished his Mets career the other day when Willie Randolph yanked him in the 8th inning of a one-sided game against the Rockies thus denying him of one final at bat in front of the Shea faithful – he will be a great DH pick up next year in the AL and it looks like the Angels have the inside track….Piazza brought respectability back to Flushing and management let it all get flushed after the 2000 World Series – he deserved better – thanks Mike

Don’t know why so many people are complaing about the 2nd episode of LOST last week – I liked the different perspective angles that were shot and the theories I have been reading all over the Net have been all over the map……I can’t help but think that this is a corporate experiment gone offline much like Jurassic Park and no one back at the company knows about it or cares to put a stop to it…..can’t help but wonder how the “Others” that grabbed Walt have a boat, fuel, handguns and a bomb while the “Others” on the beach that were chasing Jin had primitive clubs and moved like Zombies – are their two sets of “Others” on the island ?.....and 4+8+15+16+23+42=108 which was pointed out to me is Hurley’s waist size……..hhmmmmmm

Bobby John hasn’t been to Tribal Council for 2 straight weeks now – does he know what to do with himself every 3rd night yet ? I heard that the first night he packed up and started out to Tribal Council out of habit….and Steph is starting to look beaten again – she really got stuck with some real winners again……..and if I were Gary Hogeboom, I would keep my mouth shut about being a former NFL QB too because he really sucked when he played…….

Saw Big & Rich’s new video the other night and I think they may be starting to believe their own hype………

Isiah Thomas just made his first trade of the NBA season – if I were the Bulls, I would have held out for Tito Jackson instead of taking Jermaine….. though personally I think that LaToya is probably a stronger player in the post than either of them…..Larry Brown has now traded Tim Thomas twice – guess Tim should be able to tell if Larry likes him or not by now

The NJ Cardinals have been sold and are being moved from Sussex County to State College, PA – did they get the Rally Cow too in the sale ? Guess I have to take the kids to a Somerset Patriots next season….

It’s Snickerdoodle season and it’s also time to start making applesauce…….

CNN Headline News has taken the lead in the News Bunny Sweepstakes with their recent addition of Susan Hendricks to the triumvirate of Erica Hill, Robin Meade and Christi Paul – Fox News is going to have to do a lot better than the Z Team they trotted out last weekend if they want to compete – Juliet & Kiran and new addition Alyson Camerota can’t carry the load alone……and in other News Bunny News, Amy Robach is a real good reason for Katie Couric to keep looking back over her shoulder at the Today Show……..had a Liz Cho siting the other night while feeding my son – she is looking her best since her early days at ABC World News this morning……..

Boise State won a shootout in Hawaiii this weekend but that loss to Oregon State in the 2nd week of the season has doomed them to the Holiday Bowl already…..USC looked great in the 2nd half against ASU – I actually thought they had scored too fast when they took the lead 28-24……..I hate Notre Dame just in case you didn’t know that……..I also hate Nebraska – they can’t lose often enough for me…..texas looks like the real deal but they still need to convince me this weekend when they take on the Sooners in Dallas……the SEC looks tough and Princeton has started out 3-0 – look out Penn, here come the Tigers !!!!

Ella Enchanted, the Princess of Genovia, has gone topless in her latest movie and Lindsay Lohan is doing the same in Vanity Fair – “Taradise” got cancelled before I ever got to see it (I hope it comes out on DVD soon) and Tara Reid herself reports that she is in negotiations with Playboy – I may be a few months late on that one but it looks like I was right…….

That’s it for today – Angels in 4, Red Sox in 5, Cards in 3 and Astros in 5 – Al Woodall, where are you when we need you ?

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