Thursday, October 13, 2005

With all this rain I feel like I am extra on the set of “Blade Runner”……

Mel Stottlemyre has quit, Joe Torre has no friends in the dugout and fewer friends down in Tampa, ARod is considering changing his number from 13 to .133 and Brian Cashman is looking longingly at the Phillies job – hard to imagine that Steinbrenner will keep quiet since he can’t stand seeing teams other than his own at the top of the sports page and to steal a line from Bill Simmons – there are 5 year old Yankee fans out there who are beginning to wonder if they will ever see a World Series championship in their lifetime

FOX has cancelled plans to go ahead with Simple Life 4 – what will Paris Hilton do now for $$$ and attention ?

The city of Pittsburgh is breathing again now that Big Ben doesn’t need to go under the knife but they should still be scared stiff about starting Charlie Batch against Jacksonville – I wonder if they will follow the Jets lead and give Terry Hanratty a call ???

Where have all the fights gone in the NHL ??? I still don’t like the shootout….

Any episode of LOST that centers on Hurley is a good episode and could Jack have been undressing Kate anymore with his eyes than he already was when she stepped out of the shower ? What happened in that bunker on the other side of island ? The numbers didn’t get pushed ? Did the sickness get the other survivors or was it “The Others” ? “The Others” have obviously been on the island for a while and were probably part of the Dharma Initiative so wouldn’t they know where all the bunkers were located ? And which bunker was Desmond running to last week ? I know some folks weren’t impressed but next Wednesday once again cannot get here soon enough for me…..

The NBA Pre-season has started !!! Who cares ???

How can the cowpokies lose to raiders but beat the iggles silly ? The Giants must have loved watching that during their bye week…….I wonder if Gopher, Isaac & Julie were working the Vikings cruise last week ?.....Don’t want to jinx my Donkeys but they seem to be catching the Pats at the right time – Jake finally won 4 games in a row for the first time in his career – could it be the Power of the Porn Stache ?

Why would anyone ever hire anyone from The Apprentice ? Why would anyone ever even interview anyone who appeared on Martha Stewart’s version of the Apprentice ?

Watched Bobby Flay lose to Ming Tsai last Sunday on Iron Chef – I know it was a repeat but watching Flay lose never gets old……

Going to see the Rangers beat the Devils tonight at MSG – drop the puck – I have a train to catch…..

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