Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to one & all – may you all have some good bird this holiday season.

Here it is one day before Thanksgiving and the Rangers are still in first, Steph & Larry ain’t getting along, the Jets have had 5 different QB’s play (and suck) and the Giants, well, who really cares…..

I hate the concept of the shootout in the NHL but that sure was a sweet move that Jagr laid on the Sabres’ goalie last night.

Why does everyone hate the Weaver Family so much on The Amazing Race ? It is almost juvenile in nature but that shouldn’t be unexpected when you think about the Linz family. I hope they realize through the magic of editing how high school they look. I wasn’t a Weaver fan before but after last night I think I am.

When I hear Van Zant it brings me right back to my Southern Rock days of my high school years………Born To Run just turned 30 years old – I hate to say I remember when it came out – Springsteen only released one more album after that in my opinion – 10th Avenue Freeze Out is still and always will be my favorite song from that album……..

It was a bad 2 weeks in a row for anyone that happened to be a raiders & jets fan as my Broncos rolled to a 58-17 two week stomping……..not that the Broncos opening 95 yard TD dive wasn’t a thing of beauty but the Jets really do just plain suck this year – I just hope they realize that playing this way does not guarantee them Reggie Bush……..speaking of playing badly, I always dread seeing my Donkeys on National TV and I especially hate seeing them on Thanksgiving – I don’t doubt that they will lay an egg and the cowpokies will wind up stealing a game that they have absolutely no right winning tomorrow

Channing Frye looks like the real deal as the Knicks center for the future – finally Zeke got one right – we are coming upon the season of miracles…..

What will Peter King do once Brett Favre retires and the patriots dynasty completely crumbles ? Will he have anything to write about ?............funny seeing The Sports Guy on the front of the NY Times Sunday Style section – he couldn’t make the real sports section but he could make the women’s “sports” – the article itself didn’t say anything about him that we all didn’t already know from his column – still haven’t had a letter published in his mailbag and the year is running out……….

John Daly is getting his own reality show on the Golf Channel – you just have to hope that somehow Anna Nicole Smith will make a guest appearance…… least Bobby John made the jury on Survivor: Guatemala but you know that it has probably been a tense 3 days at the Loser’s Lodge with just him and Jamie……Jamie had to go and I am actually surprised that he didn’t go sooner… the challenges become more about brains & agility and less about brawn, Judd’s chance to win begins to shrink……and has there ever been a more worthless survivor than Lydia ? I hope she is embarrassed by her lack of performance and worth……….

Cranberry Salad, Corn Muffins, Whipped Butternut Squash, Pumpkin Bread and Dutch Apple Cake are my contributions to Thanksgiving this year plus I will make the gravy when I get to my parent’s house……looking forward to the pots of Southwestern Turkey Soup ( with the leftovers……

How come none of the teachers I had all throughout school looked anything like this latest teacher to sleep with a student – and she got off too…….in more ways than one

I really hate taking the highway to work each morning – not even pretending I am driving the final laps at Homestead help – it was so nice to get to take my old route through the swamp this morning….still sucks we had to work today but……….

What genius at the Las Vegas Bowl thought that BYU would be a good team to bring to town ? I would think that the Mormons would be afraid to come to Sin City – the bars and casinos can’t be seeing a lot of business from their fans……but then again, what goes in Vegas, stays in Vegas………

Fire Sale in Florida !!!! The Marlins are cleaning house. The Red Sox and now the Mets look to be the first to reap the rewards. How could Steinbrenner be missing out on these deals ????

I was all set to make fun of the Ohio State-Michigan meaning nothing last week and then they went out and played an instant classic……Cal buried Stanford and their band but still will wind up in some crap bowl playing someone like Rutgers because they fell on their faces 3 weeks in a row…….my favorite bowl game every year takes place on the Blue Field of Boise State……

Some CMA thunks – Country Music gets virtually no play in NYC but the popularity of country continues to grow nationwide so when country music gets a chance to showcase themselves in NYC for a night, why didn’t they break out performances of the upbeat new country sound instead of dragging one star out after another to sing slow songs that were true to country music’s roots ? It was a waste of a great prime time venue. The best performance of the4 night by far was Miranda Lambert’s performance of “Kerosene” – the ending visual of her dancing like crazy in front and behind two walls of flame was spectacular – she looked and sounded great too – she became a star with that one song. Carrie Underwood on the other hand, looked like a deer in headlights and her song was boring. LeeAnn Womack is just hot no matter what she sings and don’t you think that Waylon Jennings was scratching his way back up through 6 feet of dirt to get his hands on Elton John ? What were they thinking putting that fat british homo on stage at the CMA‘s ?

LOST thunks – Now that we have the tailies and the rest of the cast together I guess it is time for some flashbacks on their characters thus keeping the timeline from advancing very much again. I am looking forward to Libby’s back story so we can see what she looks like clean….….Hard to believe that Boone has only been dead for 8 days……..the interaction between Charlie & Locke should be interesting now that Locke has found out that Charlie is “religious”……..where has Kate been and why haven’t we seen more shower scenes of her in the hatch ???? Glad to see that Sawyer is still alive – they could spin his character off if they ever get off the island…….and will we ever find out what the numbers stand for ?..................more answers & questions tonight

Penn State in a BCS game ? Even Joe Pa has to be surprised about that one – if he even knows they are playing – I keep thinking of Weekend at bernie’s whenever I see him on the sideline

Every time I hear Jim Nantz on IMUS in the Morning I can’t help but think he is auditioning for Dan Rather’s old job

No Paris Hilton, No Lindsay Lohan, No early morning News Bunnies – I must be slipping……

Thanks for your time and for the brain cells that you lost while reading this missive....

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