Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It’s that time of year again and with the Broncos on their BYE week it means this year’s trip is back to VEGAS !!!

Hey Look – the Broncos just scored on the Iggles again…….nice of the Redskins to roll over for the Giants last weekend – I wonder if they were counting the ceiling tiles too…….considering that the Giants absolutely suck on the road this year, that “road game” against New Orleans in Week 2 really ought to be pissing off the rest of the NFC East right about now…….

The NBA has started up again and how excited do you think the players are about road trips to Oklahoma City this year instead of New Orleans ????

The best part of taking the kids Trick or Treating is watching all the MILF’s answer the door…….the second best part is trying out all the new types of candy…..I lost count of the number of Darth Vaders I saw this year – felt like I was back in the 70’s…..

It’s good thing that Sylvester Stallone has decided to call the latest Rocky installment “Rocky Balboa” instead of “Rocky 6” because as we all know – ROCKY 5 NEVER HAPPENED !!!......and speaking of Sly, is it not great that “The Contender 2” is starting up ? ESPN gets kudos for picking up this excellent series…….

The new NHL may be starting to catch up with the Rangers but it sure has been fun seeing the team that SI picked as the worst in the league – in FIRST PLACE ! the Rangers need to get some muscle into the line-up or they are going to have more injuries like the Rucinsky injury……and Hendrik Lundqvist is going to be the next Mike Richter…….

Hey Look – the Broncos just scored again on the Iggles……

What is the deal with the jerseys that Va Tech and Florida were wearing this week ? Is FloJo designing uniforms from beyond the grave ? The different color sleeve has got to go……is any lead OK State gets against Texas safe ? they blew a 28 point lead last year at Texas and a 19 point lead at home this year…….Penn St. at 8-1 may be the biggest surprise in college football this year – how many people (myself included) had Joe Pa being tossed on the scrap heap years ago ????

Did Ricky Williams celebrate his first positive yardage game with massive bong hits on Sunday night or is he waiting for his first TD to light em up again ?

BreathSavers new Citrus Mint flavor is great and Fresca’s new Black Cherry Citrus isn’t too bad either

Can anyone really believe that Rutgers is still in the running for BCS Bowl Berth ? The Big East Conference is a joke……….USC-Notre Dame may have been one of the best college games I have seen in a long time – Matt Leinart made a hell of a call on the 4th down play and got lucky with the spot of his fumble – it certainly also helped that the refs didn’t call Reggie Bush for pushing Leinart into the end zone either……USC does not have an easy road for their last few games – Cal may not be the team they were last year but I will still bet the OVER when they play…….regional Fox Sports channels are great in the early AM as I get to watch a lot of teams/games that I would never watch on a Saturday…..

Why is Penny Hardaway surprised that he is inactive for the opener tonight against the Celtics ? His best days are so far behind him that you can’t even see them…..

“I’m Not Earl” is the best new show on TV – I loved Jaime Pressley in Playboy but she is even better here……glad to see the Rugrats get eliminated last night on The Amazing Race – that family just annoyed me to no end…….the merge has happened on Survivor: Guatemala and I sure hope that Bobby John & Steph are smart enough to align themselves because they are targets from here on out – next player eliminated should be Judd but these people have not been too bright so far so we shall see…….I have said it before and I will say it again, I would never hire anyone who was on “The Apprentice” and if Trump were actually smart, he wouldn’t hire any of these idiots this year either – it would make a great finale – all the build up over who to hire and bam – he fires them both – the next crop of candidates would have to actually work that much harder at impressing him instead of backstabbing each other

And the Broncos score again on the Iggles……

Both Mike Anderson & Tatum Bell have more rushing yards this year than Reuben Droughns – with the play of the rejected Cleveland Defensive Line this year, that trade is looking better and better….the Champ Bailey trade isn’t looking all that great from either end of the spectrum and I still have no faith in Dominique Foxworthy or whatever his name is…….

Terry Glenn gets all the yards and Keyshawn gets all of the TD’s – I am sure that sits well with a stable clubhouse influence like Glenn……

I have made 15 loaves of Pumpkin Bread in the past 2 weeks and only been able to keep 2 – something is very wrong with that…….

My plane takes off in 24 hours – Hoover Dam here I come !!!!!

NOT !!!!

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