Monday, February 06, 2006

An awkward game at best. The refs screwed me out of a potential $250 in the 1st quartern with the phantom interference call, they screwed the Seahawks out of 4 points with Ben's "touchdown" and they screwed them out of another 7 points with the phantom holding call. Jeremy Stevens should go into hiding after all of his drops and Darrell Jackson may want to paint an out of bounds line in his bedroom so he can get used to staying on the right side of it (or left side of it as the case may be).......

Review of the menu -

Alligator Chili - awesome - will submit to
Mini-empanadas - surprisingly good - all 3 flavors
Wings & ribs - strong as always
Avocado Crab Dip - good but made too much
Omelette Cups - too bland but made it that way on purpose for my kids
3 cheese & bacon quesadillas - good for breakfast today too
sweet potato fries - soon to be a new super bowl standard - loved using the new mandolin

Best line of the night was by Mick Jagger - "We could have played this one at the first Super Bowl."

Best Ad of the night - Sprint Crime Deterrent Phone
2nd Best Ad - Michelob Ultra Football spot
3rd Best Ad - The Magic Fridge
Honorable Mention - ABC's "Addicted to LOST"
Worst Ad - (tie) - H3 &

Seriously ugly championship hats - powder gray is not a good color for anyone but the Tin Man....enough with The Bus - now stay retired.....someone had to win the MVP so I guess you could give it to Hines Ward but the refs (as many people have said) really deserved it.....

And the Rangers are all alone in 1st place !!!!!

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