Friday, February 03, 2006

I hope you all really didn’t think that I would let a SuperDuper Bowl go by without my thunking about it……..

If you were going to skip a city to see a SuperDuper Bowl in, then Detroit would be that city…I didn’t even bother entering any contests for tickets for fear that I would win and actually have to go to Detroit….I think that with all the hype about The Bus and Big Ben, a lot of people have forgotten about the pair on the other side of the field – as any fantasy football owner will tell you, Matt Hasselbeck has been pretty solid the last couple of years and really had to step up and show he could carry a team in the playoff game against the Deadskins – that and Shaun Alexander ain’t exactly a slouch…..all that being said, I think we are in for a close game that will see the lead go back and forth but in the end it will all come down to a late Jim Zorn to Steve Largent TD pass that will put the Seachickens up by 2 but Terry Hanratty will hit Lynn Swann deep leading to Rocky Bleier setting up a Roy Gerela FG to ice the game with seconds on the clock – Pittsburgh 31 Seattle 30

Why does it always seem to rain harder when I am getting in or out of the car than when I am in it ?

Kevin Weekes started for the Rangers last night and actually won – he didn’t see a shot a for the first 10:57 of the game and if the Rangers are smart, he won’t see another shot until March……

I don’t know about you but I would love to work at Dunder Mifflin for a day – of course it would mean having to live/work in Scranton (another garden spot)……..Jim may actually have one of the best dead pan looks I have seen in a long time……..

According to Golf Digest 32% of Men and 31% of women surveyed would give up sex for a year in order to get a tee time at Augusta – I know a couple of guys around here that would give up sex for a year to get a tee time at the local muni course…….

According to THE STAR, always a reputable source, Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to do a Playboy spread in order to help shed herself of her goody two shoes image – I just know that it would be another huge disappointment and yet another reason why I should let my subscription slide……

There has been a gum wrapper floating in one of the urinals here at work since last Friday – glad to see the janitorial crew is hard at work…..

Torry Holt was great on Media Day for the NFL Network – that kid has a future in TV after he is done roasting & toasting defensive backs………

Did I really see that Emily Proctor is in the new Martin Lawrence flick ? That is just so disappointing – her character hasn’t advanced any on CSI Miami either – we can only hope for the Skinemax movie of the week next…..

So are the Winter Olympics in Turin or Torino ? I almost think that NBC made up the name just to try and make it more Italian……..speaking of the Olympics, I saw Tonya Harding briefly on ET the other night – YIKES !!!! I think she ate Jeff Gillooly………

Haven’t seen a single one of the Oscar nominated best films of the year and most likely won’t ever see any of them…….I also just found out that the cowboys in Brokeback Mountain were actually herding sheep and not cows so that movie now makes a lot of sense to me……….and speaking of movies, did they just make up The 40 Year Old Virgin as they went a long ? A couple of good skits & bits but not a whole lot of coherent storyline – I will say that the Age of Aquarius stuff at the end had me howling…….

SuperDuper Menu (so far) – Alligator Chili, Chicken Wings, Babyback Ribs, hot avocado crab dip, bbq chicken & Italian chicken mini-empanadas, mini cheese omelet cups and whatever else I can think of at the last minute

Fantasy Golf season has started and as of the end of the first round of the FBR Open, I am in first place in all 3 of my leagues….speaking of golf, looks like John Daly is checking out again quickly this week as he mails in his 2nd round – I would not be surprised at all if he is already on his flight to Vegas – and speaking of John Daly, I haven’t seen it yet but I am sure that “The Daly Planet” has got to be a ridiculous show

Last thunk on golf – actually Yeti Golf – my new record is 4108 – take that !!!!

I don’t often agree with Don Imus’s music selections but Rusty Truck didn’t sound too bad the other morning – guess I have to go to amazon to hear a few more selections before I buy the CD…..the more traffic I get stuck in the more I listen to Imus – at times it makes you wish you could drive on the shoulder……………leaving 5 minutes later in the morning really makes a big difference in my commute – more cars and slower cars – don’t they realize that they need to get the hell out of my way ?????..........and it looks like the 2 hour each way train commute is looming in my future - I am not happy……….

So whatever happened to Mary Chapin Carpenter ????

Josh Turner may have the deepest voice since Randy Travis and the chick in his “Your Man” video looks a lot like a younger version of Lee Ann Womack……….K T Tunstall looks like she could go a few rounds with Gretchen Wilson and most likely be the one standing at the end of the fight…….Lee Ann Rimes is really looking more & more last call lucky with each passing day…….

Survivor Exile Island started last night and boy do they have some dumb people on this show again this year – that being said, I’ll watch every week………the latest version of American Idol has really been brutal to watch – why do they give these obviously delusional people hope ????

Hey Crab Man !!!!!........I just like to say that……..

Mike Piazza signs with the Padres and I thunk the warm southern California sun should be just what he needs to close out his career……

Why are the Broncos talking to the Dolphins about Ricky Williams ???? Haven’t they had enough dope smoking players in the past ???.........Mike Tice signs with the Jaguars and Super Bowl tickets become available in Jacksonville ??? A coincidence ??????

All but one of my SuperDuper Bowl 100 square pool boxes suck………

And so ends another 7 minutes of your life that you will never get back……..lets all hope that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards do not have wardrobe malfunctions on Sunday…..

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