Friday, September 18, 2009

A quick blog before sundown

Well here it is. Another Friday afternoon and I have absolutely no desire to work. It’s also been so long since I have blogged that I seem to be out of practice and don’t have any lever ideas or ways to get started. I do know that at sundown Rusha Homa begins so the Big Apple is going to empty like rats off a sinking ship and my train is going to be packed so that should help to put me into a real peachy keen mood….

Speaking of peaches, I made an outstanding peach & blueberry cobbler a few weeks back and I posted a picture on Twitter but don’t ask me to do that here because quite honestly I don’t know how and I am too damn lazy to learn….

Since we are on the topic of food, I tried something called a Tennessee Tailpipe at Fat Annie’s Truck Stop the other day that will definitely be recreated on SuperDuperBowl Sunday. It was basically a deep fried pulled pork egg roll drizzled with a cheddar cheese sauce. Plan on my adding some chipotle somewhere into that mix…

Been traveling WAY too much recently. I am already Gold Elite for next year and Platinum Elite is within my grasp. Too bad a great number of my flights are on TurboProp planes so First Class means landing safely and not a bowl of warm brazil nuts & a hot fudge sundae. But speaking of flying, a comedian by the name of Jim Norton was on the new Jay Leno Show, which really is nothing more than the old Jay Leno Show which I never watched, and he did a routine about air travel that frankly I found to be neither new or original. But then again, that also a good way to describe my blogs as I haven’t written anything new & original in the 5+ years that I have been serially killing the brain cells of those unfortunate few that have actually read what I wrote.

Speaking of cereal, I read in my local paper that the kid that posed as Pimp to bust ACORN actually got his undercover video career started when he went to the food services department at his college posing as an irish student to protest the school serving Lucky Charms since they stereotyped irish people. I wonder if Mike Wallace started the same way ?

Speaking of the Irish, isn’t it fun watching Notre Dame lose football games at the last minute ? Isn’t it even more fun being a fan of a team that wins in the last minute like the Patricheats did against the Buffalo Jills or even better, like my Donkeys did against the Bungles with the “Immaculate Deflection” ? Major kudos to Brandon Stokley for running along the goal line and burning off even more time. And since we are talking about football programs that basically stink, let’s not forget Florida State. They haven’t been relevant since Jen Sterger was a B cup and they are going to get blown out by BYU this weekend too.

Speaking of getting blown, I had the misfortune of stepping out onto my hotel balcony in Myrtle Beach this week to enjoy the view only to be distracted by the site of 2 old people going at it hot & heavy with the lights on in the building across the way. I guess those little blue pills must actually work because 11 minutes later when I finally got all of the bleach out of my eyes, I glanced over again and they were still going at it. I called housekeeping and had them send up more bleach.

And finally, as I was driving to the airport (no – they weren’t still doing it) I passed “WICKED STICK – a John Daly Signature Golf Course”. My first thought was stripper poles for flagsticks, Hooters girls working the beer cart and you get to quit after 16 holes…..

And with that, I should probably quit too…..that’s the view for now from Behind The Shades…..swampy abides…..


Corey said...

I see my link helped a ton!!

swampy said...

It's just like the old days - 2 readers and no comments - I can see that Pulitzer Prize in my future

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