Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of "This Old Shuttle". We are going to repair some protruding gap filler - think tile grout - with a handmade hybrid hacksaw made out of a nail file and duct have got to be kidding me ? I just hope that the astronauts make it home safely.

Tons of player movement has begun in the NHL - Martin Straka does not make me feel good enough about my season tix......Pronger for handful of role players ? Done ! Nice pickup by Edmonton

The redhead in the Pussycat Dolls video has a real nice nastiness about her - same goes for the middle blonde on the left in Jessica Simpson's latest video

I have now seen a full body shot of Robin Meade of CNN Headline News and Juliet Huddy of Fox News First now has some serious contention for the Early AM Queen of the News Bunnies - never discount Kiran Chetry though......

Anybody seen or heard from Crazy Tom Cruise and his brainwashed bride to be Katie Holmes ? Didn't think so - phase 2 of her indoctrination must be taking place. Her former soul will be posted for sale on E-Bay soon enough

Wireless Headphones - why did I wait so long. The NFL Network has never looked so good at 5am.....Live TV coverage of the Bills-Packers pre-season practice scrimmage on Friday night - how awesome is that ?

36 days until kickoff - later

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