Monday, August 22, 2005

just a few short days ago, the dynamics around here changed in so many different ways that I still can't comprehend it all......still the most amazing thing on earth

staying home this past week has given me less time to post and less time to reflect on the little oddities and irrelevances that life throws you....I can also state for the record that weekday morning TV is no better after 7am than it is at 5am - 6am may have the strongest hour with Imus, Fox & Friends First, Mike & Mike, CMT, Robin Meade and the Lost World all kicking off at the same time.....speaking of kickoffs, many more bits & pieces seen of preseason games this weekend courtesy of the NFL Network - still no clue how to rank my players for my fantasy draft - I need to get a team in a Yahoo Public League - those are the teams where I wear out the waiver wire picking up every unknown flash in the pan I can find

Ron Dayne had another huge game this weekend and may have just solidified that spot on the roster - yet another promising young player who could not handle the pressures & expectations of NYC - Denver has a microscope all of it's own - better give something good out on is Jerry Rice doing ? I missed the re-broadcast of the Niners/Donkey game this afternoon - I need to cruise

So Tiger flew home while he was technically still in the hunt. Many people have already said it but I would have to thunk that an awful lot of people at the PGA would have been stepping on their dicks trying to figure out a way to have a Tuesday Playoff or would they have waited until late afternoon to start the playoff so that Tiger could have flown back - Lefty made these questions irrelevant but they would make a good argument at the 19th hole.

Saw "March of the Penguins" this past weekend - we now need to see a documentary of the Leopard Seal now !!!! .......How much longer until "Wedding Crashers" gets to DVD ?....... The Sopranos is coming back for an additional 8 episodes in 2007 - we still haven't seen Season 5 yet......Still don't see a movie out there being worth $100.......Did Rachel Blakely ever come to her senses and do some soft core ? Why isn't Xena on in the morning ? The NHL is on the Outdoor Life Network this season ? Does that mean we get a Pond Hockey Game of the Week ? OLN is part of the Arts package for my cable system - this is not going to work - Patriot Media will be hearing from me daily. "LOST" returns on September 21 and that is not a moment too soon. Saw an "Iron Chef" repeat last night where the challenger only plated 2 dishes - sounds like he worked at Hell's Kitchen. "Two and a Half Men" is slowly becoming a guilty pleasure that you no longer have to feel guilty about watching. If you are still watching "Yes Dear" then you should just be ashamed of yourself.......

The Mets will keep it interesting for their fans with regard to the wildcard but Braden Looper is making me miss Armando and that just doesn't feel right.....Piazza is the newest Met on the shelf but I really don't think they will miss him as much as they Kris Benson won't be getting any at home any time soon after he bombed on Sunday......nice to see George & Joe try to take the spotlight off their underperforming check cashing $210m payroll

that's all for now - read Dan Jenkins

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