Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas – Happy Chanukah – Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year

Yesterday it was the morning glow just before sunrise reflecting off the ice and this morning it was fog – the swamp is something different every day

I wore a different Xmas tie every day in December this year and still had some left over for next year……

Is there anything more pathetic than watching the former ’72 Dolphins popping champagne whenever their record is saved ??? look like it could be Colts-Pats in Round 2 in Indy and the Colts would be trying to pull that monkey (no make that GO-rilla) off their backs – don’t think they can do it…..the Donkeys can screw the Chiefs playoff chances by losing to San Diego this week – now starting at QB for the Broncos – Bradlee Van Pelt……the raiders tanked their season a few weeks back but Kerry Collins is talking trash about his former team and their game this Saturday night – it could be fun to watch…..if the Bengals aren’t careful they could wind up as a #4 seed and playing in Indy in round 2 – of course they may prefer getting Jacksonville in Round 1 to getting a getting hotter Steelers team…….

2006 Random Pre-Thunk-ion….Paris Hilton will break off her engagement and get to keep another million dollar ring for her efforts……

If there is a better tune out there right now than HOME by Marc Broussard, then I haven’t heard it – I just hope that his re-cut version of the song is the direction that his music is taking because the rest of his album sounds like a John Mayer wannabe……Anna Nalick has some scary psycho girlfriend eyes but looks exactly like the type of woman I would have chased back in the day and been very sorry about catching……

King Kong is really tearing up the Box Office – not !!! Though once you figure in the foreign ticket sales it will probably be a hit and there will be talk of a sequel…….

Why wasn’t Wedding Crashers out on DVD for Xmas ? They missed the boat on that one. Of course Hollywood got the 2004 Smash Hit, Santa’s Slay, out in time……

Bill Parcells is an egotistical jackazz – just my opinion……..

2006 Random Pre-Thunk-ion….Mary Kate Olsen will be the next “star” to hit the net with a sex tape – it worked for Paris……

Xmas time is the time for Egg Nog in my coffee…..

Reese’s Holiday Bells – give me a bag of these bad boys and I am happy camper all day long……

Burt Ward – the Robin of Batman fame – was actually the Producer’s first choice for the Dustin Hoffman role in “The Graduate” – Holy Crotch Shots Mrs. Robinson ! Are you trying to seduce me ?

The hail bouncing off the players and the blue turf of Boise State University in yesterday’s MPC Computer Bowl made for a great visual – it actually seemed to pump the players up on both sides of the ball – Boise State almost pulled that game off after falling behind 24-0 at the half – you just can’t go 0-3 on 4th down tries in the first half and hope to win – why Hawkins didn’t get 3 points out of at least one of those may be the answer to why Boise State hasn’t tried a FG since October……..I hate Nebraska – thanks to Michigan for making stupid cornhusker fans happy and looking forward to next year……and a question for Rutgers, how can you lose a shootout when you have Tony Soprano on your side ? Loved the way that James Gandolfini was staring down the ASU captains during the coinflip……..

2006 Random Pre-Thunk-ion….Tara Reid will pose for Playboy but will get away without Full Frontal Nudity……

Six unanswered goals against the Fishsticks at the Mausoleum is always a good thing……I never feel confident about a game when Kevin Weekes is in the nets for the Rangers……

Speaking of Kevins – my holiday gift to you – – Oh Oh Oh Oh Popozao Popozao…….which incidentally means “watch me spend all Brit’s cash before she dumps me and I become a Reality TV Star on VH1”…….

Both Lauren Glassberg and Contessa Brewer have been back on the early morning newsbunny beat this week – always a welcome surprise…….and isn’t Contessa filling in for Don Imus a bit ironic considering their history ?????

I haven’t watched a single minute of the College Basketball season yet – I just know that Princeton is terrible this year – they even lost to Carnegie Mellon…….

You will love me – You will hate me – Now beat 2808……..

I finished first in both of my Fantasy Football leagues with rag tag lineups only to get killed in both of my championship games……there is always next year…..

2006 Random Pre-Thunk-ion……Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt will break up and Jennifer Aniston will marry Vince Vaughn

I wonder how many Johnny Damon Yankee jerseys Bill Simmons got for Xmas ?????

Sienna Miller turned down the role of the next Bong Girl ??? Does she think is a real actress or something ?

I think this weekend is going to be Alligator Stew time – I haven’t made that in a while……

Got the LOST Season 1 DVD for Xmas – that and my Rachel Ray knife may have been my best 2 presents…..

When I was growing up I could watch the Jets, Giants & Eagles and maybe get a national doubleheader game so Monday Night Football was the BIG game of the week – Howard Cosell was a God-Like figure and people paid money to get a chance to throw a brick at him through the TV screen – his halftime highlights were only eclipsed by this season’s “I Like It I Love It” highlights……..not

2006 Random Pre-Thunk-ion – “My Name is Earl” will win the Golden Globe for Best Comedy and the Emmy for Best Comedy…….and as an added public service, please don’t forget the Earl and The Office both move to Thursday starting next week – CSI moves to the VCR……..

I know there is more but I can’t thunk of it now – please remember that New Year’s Eve is Amateur Night and that this Greyhound is Delta Bound….thanks for your time

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