Thursday, May 31, 2007

So here it is 9:58pm on a Wednesday night, I am sitting on the couch next to Mrs. Swampy who is sewing a Betsy Ross dress for the eldest swamprat's oral in character book report and automatically I reach for the remote and change the channel to ABC and listen for the words "Previously on LOST". I keep listening and keep listening, knowing deep down in my conscious that I am not going to hear them but still hoping that maybe the whack on the head I got from the old bitty's purse on the train had sent me into Desmond's parallel universe or timeline. Instead some show called Traveler continues into it's second hour. This is one of the 183 new summer series that TV Guide has touted on their latest cover (interview with Chollie inside) that I can tape or watch to kill time until TV comes back for real in the fall. So what's a guy to do ? I flipped over to the Discovery Channel and watched back to back episodes of "Cash Cab". I will be searching the streets of NYC for this bad boy and unlike a few of the idiots in his cab, I will win – though I do have to give mad props to the 2 idiots who rode to B&H Photo and jumped out of he Cash Cab with $900. I also have to give some props to the stoner who lost the whole $450 on the final question but was still pleased that he saved $13 on the cab fare. Dude !!!

Bet I lost a few kudos for the LOST reference from a few people but I don't care.......

Started Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix yesterday – that's #5 for those of you not counting at home. Excellent start. Movie comes out July 13.

Scrunchy the Gay Walrus has inconvenienced the person he has crammed himself across from in the facing 2 seaters on the train the last 2 days so badly that the people have jumped up in less than a minute and left their seat to stand for the next 30 minutes. His comment both times "Some people…." Too bad I won't be on the train tomorrow morning to see if he can go for 3 in a row.

The Legend of Stray-Rod grows as reports come in from several cities that his blonde ladyfriend has been a somewhat constant companion. I hope Mrs. Stray-Rod can say "Half" because half of $252M is, well, a lot.

Riding the mechanical bull for charity on Saturday night and chowing down on Crawfish on Sunday for myself – provided I don't kill myself on the Bull the night before.

The motor on the babyswing at the bottom of the dumpster is still churning away. Thought it was a critter of some kind when I went to throw some junk in last night.

The temperature keeps climbing and the clothes on the street keep falling off - sounds like a good day for lunch at Bryant Park.

and as this is the last day of National Burger Month - let's all pause a moment and pay tribute to Kate Stelnick the Patron Saint & Goddess of the Burger.

My fortune cookie told me to "Keep on keeping on". Advice I should heed methinks.

Quietly trying to get some business booked today while sucking down copious amounts of office swill since I slept through my alarm and missed my workout again today – lazy fat bastard that I am…….swampy keeps on abiding……

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