Friday, June 01, 2007

Let's start right out with what I felt was the biggest story of the day both last night & this morning. What was a Canadian doing in the finals of the National SPELLING Bee ? No offense to our neighbors to the north but they seem to bristle a lot when they are referred to as the 51st state so why were they in the National Spelling Bee ? I am glad the kid from California won. I used to live 2 towns down from him when I lived out there.

When are they going to get rid of the crappy French Roast swill and bring back the Extra Bold Sumatra blend for our office coffee machine ? And when are they going to quit stocking the vending machine with 2nd rate candy & snacks. I know I could walk a block to go get something good but I am too lazy for that so this afternoon I am stuck with a Butterfinger Crisp bar.

Does anyone care about the French Open ? Does it actually get less respect than the Australian Open ?

"Gimme 3 Steps' came up on my iPod shuffle as I walked out of Penn Station this morning. Great song but it probably would have been a better fit for when I walked out of the building tonight.

Only 16 days until Father's Day. I use Taylor Made Red golf balls in case anyone didn't know what to get me.

On the work front, some real pieces of dog crap have been coming in the door recently. I can't pooper scooper them out fast enough.

Maybe it's just me but how can anyone fall asleep in a Starbucks ?

I like Joe Scarborough on "Scarborough Country" but "Morning Joe" on the radio & MSNBC the last 2 days was even better. He's a lot looser and more free form. Best substitute host for IMUS yet on WFAN.

I use voices when I read chapter books to my kids – there is one voice from Home Office that when the kids hear it, they know it means pure evil…..

Babysitter cancelled for tomorrow night – I may not get to ride the mechanical bull. But if it rains, she can babysit. Teenagers……

On the real estate front I started paying 2 mortgages today….MAKE ME AN OFFER !!!!

LeBron scores 25 straight points to win Game 5 in Detroit – 25 straight ? Is he this year's Dwyane Wade ? Have I ever been more wrong in all of my NBA Playoff Predictions ? Do I actually care ? Nope…..

I entered "Blogger Bowl II" for some dumb reason – oh yeah, I was bored. Then I entered Bakes in the same category. 2nd place looks pretty good.

Still haven't seen anyone in the Wedding Café on 38th but now that it is June, maybe I will.

I missed the Asian Internet Access for $1 Lady on 5th yesterday and now that she is wearing her summer "I clash with everything" wardrobe, that is hard to do.

Playing golf on Monday at Baltusrol. They would stop me at the gates if they only knew. Get ready for a stroke by stroke blog on Tuesday if I play well. Just don't hold your breath waiting too long…….

Quietly wondering if it football season yet because I really do hate baseball….swampy abides

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