Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ever since I started picking on the Yankees they have been winning so you won’t hear another word about them from me…..for now……the same old Mets, can’t beat the Yankees and can’t beat the Braves – they better show some heart down in Florida this weekend or you can stick a fork in them………Carrie beats Bo in the AI Final – no real surprise there – my favorite moment from the whole season was Bo’s reaction when the AI producers surprised him with 2 of the remaining members of Lynrd Skynrd – his face was like “Who are these really old dudes in my hotel room ?????”……I haven’t watched my tape of “The Contender” Finale but I did read Bill Simmons excellent real time diary of the fight and it was hilarious – no surprise at all that Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora took the Contender Title Belt and the $1m check…….I hope the City of Denver has the money in the budget for the cleanup of the tickertape they are going to need in February now that Jerry Rice has signed with the Broncos – I realize that Mike Shanahan once coached Jerry Rice in SF but that was a long time ago and a lot of lost talent ago……….still haven’t seen the new Stars Wars flick – don’t hold your breath waiting for me to see it either………..Lindsay Lohan looked terrible on SNL – she seems to be channeling Paris Hilton more and more – someone needs to do an intervention – maybe feed her one of those Carl’s Jr Spicy BBQ $6 Burger that Paris is pretending eat in her new commercial – speaking of Paris, is that just another pathetic attempt at keeping the clock ticking at 14:59 or what ????.................Dwyane Wade may not know how to correctly spell his name but he sure can take you to school – has Shaq ever had a better wingman ? No offense to Kobe & Penny but they were just talented selfish schmucks who never appreciated the big man in the middle………..A mild surprise that Phoenix lost the opening 2 games at home in their series with San Antonio – I guess they miss Joe Johnson more than I thought they would – Phoenix does have the best road record in the NBA this year but the Spurs have the best home record – I guess something will have to give there……..No disappointment at all in the “LOST” finale last night – some questions answered, more questions asked, we now know who the comic book belonged to, September can’t get here soon enough…….I really suck at Fantasy Baseball but I don’t suck as much as Jeff Gordon did singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” the other night – Wrigley Stadium ? A cheat sheet with the words ???? Please go back to turning left at high speeds now……….caught myself singing Cowboy Troy’s Hick Hop hit “I played Chicken with the Train” this morning…………dusted off the clubs recently and played 2 good rounds back to back – it’s only a matter of time before all of my old bad habits come back and my game goes to hell – it is fun being able to make a putt….for now……..Tara Reid has signed on as the new host of “Wild On” – I guess my prediction of Playboy by November is now almost a certified lock as each of the previous hostesses has done the same………the mighty Trenton Titans have taken a 2-0 lead over the Florida Everblades in the Kelly Cup Finals – I will take my hockey wherever I can get it these days……the best part of my daily commute is the 7.2 mile stretch where I have no cell phone service – 11 minutes of no chance of a call………….Gatorade Mango Electrico and Tropical Intenso are my 2 new favorite flavors – Que Sabor !!!!.................sorry Dad but the Minnesota Vikings are now my second favorite team in the NFL and when does football start anyway ? It’s never soon enough…….

That’s it for me – I’m out like a fat kid playing dodgeball

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