Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It’s that time again – too many thunks rolling around my empty head and a few of them were bound to slip out…….

I now know what my overpaid, underachieving, former all-star New York Rangers have been doing during the NHL Lockout – they put on pinstripes and moved to the Bronx….the Yankees haven’t lost 15 games this early in the season since 1997……..good thing for the Yankees that Tampa Bay is in the same division (and on their schedule so much this early in the season) or they would really be screwed………the first round of the NBA playoffs are a joke – only 2 series are going to go more than 5 games and one of the series that is going to go 5 should have been a sweep – yes Denver, I’m talking about you……speaking of Denver, let’s talk about the Broncos and their drafting of Maurice Clarett ? Why ? To give Ron Dayne some competition for the last RB cut in camp slot on the roster ?.........the NY Post reported this past Sunday that filming has started on the 6th and final season of “The Sopranos” – it’s about time – now when is Season 5 coming out on DVD ????.........With Jennifer Garner’s engagement to Ben Affleck, she is now officially off my list – the current list is as follows – Teri Hatcher, Diane Lane, Marg Helgenberger, Juliet Huddy and Heather Locklear – as always, it is subject to change………..I saw a Bruce Springsteen video on VH1 Country yesterday morning – why ?..................on a completely random note (and I know at least one of you has heard this before but) – I work in an office, not a bar – so why is there piss on the floor ? And what is up with guys who flip their ties over their shoulders when stepping up to the urinal ? Do they really have little control over their directionality ? Maybe they are the ones pissing on the floor ? the little things bug me………..as long as the Mets keep winning when Pedro is pitching, this controversy about who is doing his catching is a non-issue to me – Piazza is old and can’t throw anyone out anymore anyway – he is going to be a great DH for someone next year – start making your offers now……….The Broncos November Road Schedule looks like crap so that means one thing and one thing only – VEGAS BABY !!!!!............the cowpokies signed the A-Train yesterday as their 3rd down back ? Is Parcells smoking crack ? Since when is a fat guy who has forgotten how to run and catch (see Ron Dayne) a 3rd down back ?............The Contender gets better each week – my money is on Sergio “The Snake” Mora to win it all – I do like the Jesse Brinkley-Anthony Bonsante match-up this coming weekend…….the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday and is any surprise that George Steinbrenner has fired his horse’s trainer recently ? If Bellamy Road wins then Joe Torre might be seeing Nick Zito in his rearview mirror……..Stephenie got voted off Survivor last week and I couldn’t be more pissed – those people are idiots – they finally had a chance to get rid of Tom and they blew it – did Caryn really see herself beating Tom at anything ? I don’t like anyone on the show anymore so I hope that Tom wins the rest of the challenges and screws up all of their plans – and like Bill Simmons said over on Page 2 – is Katie actually gaining weight ??????..........Paul Shirley’s Playoff Diary is some of the best reading you can find on the internet – his regular season diary was pretty funny too – head over the Phoenix Suns website if you haven’t already been there……..Dan Jenkins has a new golf book out and it is already # 1 on my MUST READ list – I am already laughing about it and I haven’t even read the first sentence - Dan Jenkins could make a grocery list worth reading……….Diamond Daily on ESPN is one of the best Fantasy Sports games that you can play – of course, if you really want to pad your stats, pick the player I picked the day after I pick them – guaranteed to go yard………….I’m still holding to my prediction that Tara Reid is in Playboy by November
You’ve been great – grab a slice of cake and party favor on your way out

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