Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Too much going on these days not to grace you all with my unsolicited thunks…….the last time I ragged on Mike Piazza he went on a tear so let me be the first to say that your mama dresses you funny and your grandma wears army boots……..I’m not sold on the Yankees 9 game winning streak – they have to beat someone other the A’s and the Mariners (like Tampa Bay) before I will take them seriously – Carl Pavano pitches tonight so the streak should be over soon – I hope……….Ian showed his naivete and his lack of brains when he made his deal with Tom during the final immunity challenge on Sunday night’s Survivor Finale – does he really think that Tom or Katie will even recognize him on the street in another year ????.......Katie looked to be channeling Jenna Lewis with her makeover on Sunday night – now I guess we will have to wait and see how soon before her sex tape hits the internet……..to the editors of Maxim, Stuff, FHM and Playboy - Jenn, Steph, Katie, Ashlee and Kim are all waiting for their calls……..The Trenton Titans have pulled off a Game 7 upset of the Alaska Aces in the ECHL Kelly Cup Conference Finals and now move on to the face the Florida Everblades……..The Rally Cow Returns on June 21 – NJ Cards baseball is back and there is no better place to watch a game with a family – the baseball sucks but the atmosphere is great……….Sergio Mora vs Jesse Brinkley should have been the Contender finale but it will still make a great semi-final match-up this Sunday night…….The CMA Awards could potentially hurt Carrie Underwood tonight in American Idol – she’s good but she would have been out early if she had been on Nashville Star…….Does anyone know when the next Star Wars movie is coming out ? I couldn’t find anything about it on the internet……….these are my 5am television viewing thoughts – Dean Martin as Matt Helm was nowhere near as good as Sean Connery as James Bond but he sure was better than the latter day Roger Moore – Ann Margaret was smoking in the 1960’s and would be painfully hot today – she had curves that today’s coked up party girl club hopping wannabe starlets will never have – Kiran Chetry can wear her leather pants to do the news any morning she wants to – The Lost World was a very underrated bad TV show, thank you TNT for sneaking in the odd showing every now and then for me – why isn’t Xena on some random channel in the middle of the night and whatever happened to the actress who played Gabrielle ????.........Newsweek essentially killed 17 people with it’s Qoran report this week – “We’re sorry” just doesn’t cut it- I’m no journalist and I don’t play one on TV but if you are going to go to press with a story like that using just one unconfirmed source you might as well just change the name of the magazine to Weekly World News or The Star………is it possible for Nicolette Sheridan to wear any tighter or smaller clothes than she is already wearing on Desperate Housewives ? I’m not complaining and I will keep researching this for all of you……..Do you think that Tom Cruise’s kids have told Katie Holmes that they loved watching her on Dawson’s Creek ???...........has an over/under been set on the Kenny Chesney/Rene Zellweger marriage yet ?............how much do Pacers and Pistons fans hate the Wizards for giving Shaq another 8 days off before the conference finals…..the Phoenix Suns are in trouble if Steve Nash is scoring 48 points in a game – he should be dishing, not swishing…….I obviously know nothing about horse racing based on my pick of Bandini in the Kentucky Derby (19th out of 20) but I have to like the local horse, Malibu Moonshine, this Saturday in the Preakness…….Hungarian Wax Peppers, Sugar Snap Peas, purple bell peppers and Yellow Tomatoes are the new additions to this years vegetable garden – look for updates in the coming weeks

That’s it for now – the delete key is in the upper right hand corner of your keyboard if you haven’t hit it already

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