Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Some CMA thunks coming right at ya - Gretchen Wilson looks like that girl at the last call at the end of the bar that can hurt you in oh so many ways.......what was up with the new streaks in Sara Evans hair ???? And could she have smiled at least once last night ????.....Big & Rich got robbed for Top Vocal Duo and so did Montgomery Gentry........Toby Keith was awesome from Iraq - I dug on that tune and need to find it right away - in a related note, my kids love "Talk About Me" - I have to crank it in the car........Lee Ann Womack is one healthy woman and I ain't complaining.......speaking of women not smiling - Miranda Lambert must have been real nervous last night - she was on TV about 6000 times and I didn't see her smile once.....I guess I need to order me some Keith Urban - I didn't know he was that good......looks like it's time for Garth brook to cut back on the moon pies and get himself back out onto the road.....and did Kenny Chesney already forget he was married ??? Not even a shout out to his new bride.......good show but then the country music awards shows usually are

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