Thursday, July 14, 2005

I have posted this elsewhere but the Royal Bankof Scotland has issued a Jack Nicklaus 5 pound note. Jack was always considered to be a "money" player and now he really is money. Makes you wonder who else could be considered for sports money. Joe Montana comes to mind for football cash though and argument could be building for Tom Brady based on recent history. Joe Namath proved to be "money" before Super Bowl III but is delivering on a guarantee enough? If it is, then Mark Messier deserves consideration in the realm of hockey cash but Wayne Gretzky may be the most money player in NHL history - from winning to helping the NHL print cash in the 80's - Bruce McNall should have saved some of that money too......Michael Jordan was certainly a money player down the stretch and the people of New England (and French Lick) would argue that Larry Bird deserves the nod but maybe with all those game winning 3's he seems to hit in the playoffs, Robert Horry should be considered. In baseball there are plenty of players stealing money and quite a few who have enough to be their own bank but I can't think of anyone who was always bank.

Saw a heron stab a frog this morning as I crept through the swamp stuck behind a landscaping truck - I almost miss the school buses.

"I want to be a Hilton" has become a bore but the social elite of NYC are finding great humor in it according to Page Six

the summer repeats of "Lost" have been must viewing and even better now that you know the backstories of the characters - you can see the clues and the paths that the writers were leaving and leading us down. Sawyer still is the best character on the show with Sun and Kate as close seconds.

Time to print the NFL Schedules and time to get back to work......

Drop the puck - I have a train to catch !!!!

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