Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Kenny Rogers All-Star situation really shows everything that is wrong with baseball these days – at least to me. Here you have a player who gets suspended for 20 games and fined $50,000 for attacking a cameraman. He then gets named to the All-Star team and more than likely triggers a bonus clause in his contract that will now cover the cost of the fine. I hope that the people of Detroit boo him off the field when he gets introduced and that Bud Selig gets another “black eye” from it all. Not that baseball will really care…………..along the All-Star front – no Cliff Floyd ? And Beltran and Piazza are starters ? I’m not one to advocate taking the vote away from the fans but maybe an IQ test is in order before they should allow some of the fans to vote…….the Home Run Derby should be fun this year with no “juice” for the players – the winner might have what - 6 HR’s ?????

The NBA Draft did not disappoint – my favorite moment was listening to first Dickie V and then Stephen A. Smith kill the league for picking soft young Euro players over the remaining UNC players that were still available – and all of this over a public address system so all could hear – do you think that David Stern wanted to go yank a plug or two as they ranted away ?????..........I was a little disappointed in the fashion statements made – I see more color & flair here in my office – especially from the dude I saw getting coffee this morning in white bucks…………and does anyone know where I can get a Stuart Scott to English – English to Stuart Scott Dictionary ????? BooYah !

Is there anyone out there that isn’t siding with Brooke Shields in her whole “War of the Words” with psycho Tom Cruise ?...... in a related matter, the Page Six hinted the other day that a certain action star has signed his new “fiancé” to a 5 year $10m deal and that she is doing the best acting job of her career….wonder who they could be ???

Tonight on “Being Bobby Brown”, Bobby meets the Dalai Lama and hilarity ensues…… should be almost as funny as Kathy Hilton telling a contestant on “I want to be a Hilton” that she needs to “tone down the sexuality” if she wants to make it in high society – this advice coming from the mother of Paris Hilton…….”Empire” is some classic summer mini-series trash but well worth taping if you want an hour or so of mindless viewing – guaranteed that by the end of the 6 hours the cute Vestal Virgin is no longer Vestal……..

It’s summer time and the vultures have returned to Berkeley Heights, NJ – nothing says Good morning when you walk into work like a bunch of Vultures perched on the edge of the building watching you…….

I don’t know which is more pathetic, the fact that Fox Sports Atlantic was showing a rebroadcast this morning of the 2004 Boston Market Bowl Before the Bowl game between the Miami Gardens Chargers and the Pembroke Pines Bengals 100-115 pound youth football teams or that I was actually watching it. For those who care, Miami Gardens had an awesome defensive stand stopping Shaquille Kearse on the 1 yard line with 6 seconds to go and then won the game 14-6 in the first OT……in a related note, only 63 days until the Patsies play the raidazz in the first game of the 2005 season………and Tim Brown signed a one day deal with the raidazz in order to retire – funny, based on his performance last year, I thought he had already retired……and can someone put this idea into jerry rice’s head for me ?

Made Mango Chipotle Spicy Ice Cream recently – spicy, creamy and cool all at one time – served it with Blueberry Cake – I must say it was awesome – a friend of mine in restaurant business told me it sounded great but it would never sell if I put it on the menu – guess it would fit better in the Latin marketplace…..and seeing that it is blueberry season here in NJ, I will be making some Blueberry Corn Muffins this weekend……

Rumor has it that the NHL and the NHLPA have come to an agreement – it’s only about a year too late – I may forgive the lockout and I will go back to the games but I will never forget the greed of the players and the idiocy of the whole thing – the minor league hockey I went to the past year was great and I plan on going back again

Went to the Women’s Match Play Championships at Hamilton Farm this past weekend. Annika Sorenstam is so smooth. She was hitting shots at the range that were all 200 yards and all were landing within a 6 foot radius – all while talking to her caddy. Too bad her putter went stone cold in the quarterfinals. Also caught Natalie Gulbis on the practice range – wow – she is good and hot – with that Kathleen Turner raspy voice that just makes you want to……..looking forward to the tourney again next year.

There are not too many pleasant surprises to be had in the office during the workday but the unexpected partial glimpse of a red satin thong has to be one of them……especially when it is on someone that you never thought would wear one…….

How can the French be upset that they were snubbed in favor of London for the 2012 Olympic Games – the French have been snubbing the rest of the world for years

That’s it for today – Free Katie !!!

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