Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back in the Big Apple – the rhythm of the commute is back but the body sure isn’t………

I’m glad that I couldn’t see last night’s Rangers-Bruins game – it just would not have felt right to me seeing Brian Leetch wearing someone else’s sweater on the MSG ice…….the Rangers recent slump seems to have been cured by a healthy dose of home ice – this team is fun to watch – I just hope no one wakes me up and I discover that this season has all been a dream……

T.O. in Dallas – that move surprised nobody……

Jamie O’Neal has impossible blue eyes

All of my NCAA Brackets have gone bust – so much for picking upsets – just glad I didn’t have any $$$$ in the game this year – you have got to love Wichita State – I think they can get to the Elite 8 and maybe even sneak into the Final 4

On a positive note, I am winning my fantasy NASCAR league…….

I went to turn down 35th Street this morning but I noticed there were several young men running & screaming down the street – I turned on 36th street instead……

Have they played the World Baseball Classic yet ?

Dante in Miami, Brees in Nawlins, Kitna in Detroit, Joey Harrington out of a job, Aaron Brooks as a Raider ? – it really has been a quite the QB whirlwind so far this year

Made Calypso Black Bean Soup the other day – almost as good as the Alligator Chili

Has anyone ever seen Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland in a dress or in a skirt ?

Chris Kaman has been a solid fantasy pickup for me this year – I refuse to pick Kobe in my salary cap league – Marcus Camby can make or break your team depending on whether he decides to play that night or not – Yao has quietly come back strong in the 2nd half – sure is fun watching Larry & Starbury go at each others throats – no other reason to watch the Knicks

I hate people that meander during rush hour and I hate tourists who link arms while walking 3 & 4 across

TV at 4am is actually better than TV at 5am but sadly, there are no news bunnies during this time slot – makes me miss Julia Caesar

Season 6 of the Sopranos has started and I still don’t have HBO – if anyone is taping and feels like sharing…..

There is no one likable on Survivor Exile Island – I can’t wait to see who gets injured this week…….haven’t see a single minute of The Amazing Race – I can’t stay up that late anymore……LOST is new tomorrow night and it’s about time – I need to know how much more of the ranch dressing Hurley has eaten – I’m loving the power struggle between Jack, Locke & Sawyer, the feral existence of Charlie, the regression of Sayid and everything EKO……..Earl & The Office just keep getting better – I sat down one night recently and watch all six season 1 episodes of The Office – awesome

Rocky 6 just finished filming in LA – funny, how can they make Rocky 6 when Rocky 5 WAS NEVER MADE…………

I wonder what I would score on the Wonderlic test ?

CHARMED is finally going off the air – I had forgotten it was even still on the air – which makes me wonder, where is Shannen Doherty now ???? (And a quick check of IMDB tells me that she is nowhere to be seen)

It’s not “Will Tiger win any Majors this year?” but “”How many Majors will Tiger win this year?”

The Tinga Chicken may be the best Korean deli buffet food that I have come across in a long time – pairs up nicely with the Jicama Slaw they also have….

I didn’t think that Kellie Pickler was trying for the “Dolly Parton” look on American Idol – I thought she had the Lee Ann Womack look down pat. Katharine McPhee is my favorite to win with Taylor Hicks and mandisa rounding out the Top 3……Paula has seemed to be on even more medication that usual this year…….I love that I agree with Simon 90-95% of the time

Let’s Get Drunk and Be Somebody – sounds like my 1980’s all over again……

Hey Crab Man !!!

How many Cuban pitchers are going to show up in Tampa today ?

Chris Russo went off the deep end with his attack on the author of the latest Barry Bonds steroid scandal book – when 9 out of 10 your callers (and probably even more of your listeners) think that you were unfair in the interview, you would think that Chris would get the message rather than defend himself and continue to say that he was proud of his interview. He did redeem himself a little the very next day when he called for Bud Selig to take a stand and declare that the single season HR record was still 61 and still belonged to Roger Maris and that the lifetime HR record of 755 by hank Aaron would also continue to stand.

Is Dale Jr. really back ? He’s looked good so far this season but it’s still early…….

Top Chef and The Next Food Network Star are both cooking reality shows but I have to give the edge to Top Chef……….The Big Break V may be my favorite new reality show and just about the only show I have seen on the Golf Channel – I’m still waiting for The Daly Planet to air at 4am

Rat from “Pearls Before Swine” is consistently the best comic strip character in the paper – the Crockydiles come in a close second

Dwyane Wade is fun to watch…..isn’t Stevie Franchise on the Knicks – has anyone sent out a Missing Persons report on him ?

What is Sharon Stone thinking ? I really don’t think you need to see much more than the trailer for Basic Instinct 2 – this could be the “Showgirls” for the new millennium…

Tomatoes, Hot & Sweet Peppers and Green Beans – I think that will be it for my garden this year

My Super Bowl Prediction from last September – Quick Super Bowl pick – Denver 34 Minnesota 31 (as if you couldn’t guess)………

Next stop Summit – change here for the Gladstone Branch…….

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