Friday, March 31, 2006

Survivor - was it shortsighted of Terry to not give Nick the secret immunity idol ? I argue that yes it was. If Terry had given the idol to Nick, then Shane, as the next highest vote getter, would have been eliminated and not made the jury. The tribal split would have been 5-4 with Bruce as a very playable swing voter at the next TC - now, Terry still has the idol, he's down 6-3 in #'s and he has put even more pressure on himself to keep winning individual immunity

And how stupid was Austin to fess up to acting like he was weak at the challenge during TC last night ???? This season is full of very stupid people.........

Look, there's a Starbucks !

I have started to name the parking spots at the train station - helps me remember which slot to put my $2 in - I parked in Messier on Monday, Tikkanen on Tuesday, Dan Marino on Wednesday, Felix millan yesterday and my own spot today.

Ryan's facial expression in the confessional was worth the price of admission on "The Office" last night. Looks to me like Pam is not going to want June to get here any quicker than it already is.......

K-Fed is a moron

Anna Benson has helped to screw the Mets again. Omar won't admit it but he traded Kris Benson because of his wife. Now she has filed for divorce and the Mets, who never would have traded Benson if Anna were already gone, are without a starting pitcher - or a relief pitcher because Jorge Julio blows. From all of us Mets fans, I say "Thanks Anna you F-ing C !!!"

Great News ! Rebecca Romijn is Pepper Dennis !

Hey Crab Man - Swampy abides......

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