Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I am so ashamed of myself - 35 minutes in and I am absolutely hooked on "I want to be a Hilton" - more on this later....

OK - I'm back and I am still ashamed of myself. Central casting could not have done a better job in picking a cross section of stereotypes if they tried. Whoever was responsible for the casting should make damn sure that they have this show listed front & center on their resume. These people are tasteless and clueless - and I am not just talking about the Hiltons - I loved it when the british chick who dances in Vegas almost started crying when she heard her name finally called. What was the deal with Miss Tampa singing her lines ??? The guys are all guidos or hicks and Alain, the dude who got the boot, seriously looked like a serial killer when his name was not called. I feel real sorry for his gay lover tonight - look for Alain's suicide attempt in the NY Post any day now......and why give them a limo ride after they get kicked off "the island" ? They should be given a subway token or a one swipe metro card and pointed towards the D Train.

Kathy Hilton was so bad that she was awesome. She makes Paris look like an actress by comparison. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a sex tape out there with her in it - the years of alcohol, parties, drugs and surgery have treated her well - it's no wonder her daughters are the way that they are - I love this woman. I also love the number of single camera shots of her reciting her lines - she was wooden & stiff and you know she screwed up more than her fair share of lines.

This may not be "appointment TV" but it will get taped for the rest of it's run.

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