Thursday, June 09, 2005

So does Mike Tyson think that if he sticks around boxing long enough the public will start to love him like we did George Foreman ? Calling the Irish Heavyweight Champion a tomato can is an insult to tomato cans everywhere.......Kelly Clarkson does not look good with blonde hair but it does take your eyes away from her rather large butt......Game 1 of the NBA Finals is on and I am not watching.......Toby Keith's new tune "As Good As I Ever Was" is a great song - loved it when he sang it live to the troops in Iraq during the CMA's but he looked drunk when he sang it on Leno - still sounded as good as it ever was (bada bump).....a 7th season of the Soprano's ???......the quality of the joggers in the early morning has definitely gone up on drive to work since college got out for the summer......survived another week in Fantasy Golf last week when I should have been going home - just plain lucky......Jimmie Johnson should repeat at Pocono - at least my Fantasy Nascar teams hope he does.....still haven't seen a movie come out this year that is worth $100 to see......."Jeremiah Johnson" is an underrated western but I may have said that before......the more I see her, the more I like MSNBC's Kristine Johnson - and who took away Robin Meade's excessive makeup kit over at CNN Headline News ? I want to shake their hand - Robin no longer looks like she should be reading the news while swingning from a pole......David Wright is the real deal, Cliff Floyd was the best trade the Mets didn't make this winter and the yankees still suck......just 91 days until the Pats beat on Randy Moss and the NFL Season starts......later

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