Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The NBA draft is upon us so now is as good a time as ever to subject you all to a few thunks about it and other less than important topics…….I hope that the kids in the Green Room don’t disappoint us stylistically like last year’s crop of draftees……it always fun watching the final player in the green room too – at that point even getting picked by the Clippers is better than having the TNT cameras in your face……. do you think that Andrew Bogut knows how to spell S-A-M-B-O-W-I-E ???.....if there is any team out that is more likely to screw up their pick than the Clippers, the Knicks could be that team…..it would not surprise me in the least to see Zeke make some dumbazz trade that saddles this team with even more deadweight contracts and big name busts – Madison Square Garden has become the same Elephant’s Graveyard of Former NBA All Stars that it has been for the NY Rangers for years……..the NBA players straightened out their labor deal a whole lot faster than the NHL players have yet to do – I guess the spectre of having to pay multiple child support payments scared them into settling…….when and if the NHL ever comes back, they will have a lot of explaining to do with the dumb comments about the fans that have come spewing from idiots like Jeremy Roenick – face it Jeremy, you make a lot more money than all of us, you play a game, we pay way to much to see you play that game and we resent the fact that you felt like we owed you more – poker gets higher ratings on ESPN than the NHL……..I want to be a Hilton is on tonight – Paris & Nicky make an appearance and the rednecks and goobers all get to go party at the Polo matches in the Hamptons – good trainwreck television if you ask me – I wonder if Paris will give them advice on how to look your best when seen through night vision lenses……speaking of more reality TV – Whitney and Bobby have their show debut this Thursday night at 10pm on Bravo – I really wish they still lived in Mendham so I could see them at the Black Horse Inn getting hammered just like they used to in the old days – again this has the potential to be trainwreck TV……the 2 days of rain really made the swamp smell “great” on my ride in to work – more roadkill than usual too……..not that I was going to see “War of the Worlds” before Tom Cruise flipped out but now I won’t even rent it when it hits the dollar bin – I am sure that he gets some of the gross which he then gives to the Church of Scientology and I don’t want even a dime of my cash to line their pockets…..I hope Katie Holmes is getting paid an awful lot of money for the acting job she is doing right now…….George has summoned the yankee brass to Tampa – I wonder who is going to wake up tomorrow with a horse’s head in their bed ???.........Cliff Floyd is getting jobbed in the All Star voting – like anyone cares……..72 days until Randy Moss and the Raiders get killed in the NFL opener – football training camps can’t open soon enough…….early morning TV is getting pretty bad if I am forced to watch Frontier League Baseball games…….where has Erica Hill been and I am slowly starting to fall for Robin Meade…..beefmasters, supersonics, sweet cheery 100’s and lemon boy tomatoes are all coming in nicely – so are the Hungarian wax peppers and the Caribbean red Hots……..Miss America is going to CMT – will she need to trade in her diamond tiara for Minnie Pearl’s straw hat ?????.....Lindsay Lohan is upset with Disney for downsizing her likeness in the Herbie: Fully Loaded ads – I can’t imagine why Disney would not want a wafer thin bleach bottle blonde club hopping party girl out front advertising a family film ?????........how many baseball players would be willing to skip their all-star bonus this year to not play in Detroit ???.......Maria Sharapova is fun to watch play tennis – and she is good too…….first the leaders blow up in the Men’s US Open at Pinehurst in the final round and then the leaders blow up the Women’s US Open at Cherry Hills the following week…..hope to get to see the Women’s World Match Play Championships at Hamilton Farms this weekend – I would love to see former Pleasanton resident Paula Creamer steal this one – she is going to be good for a long time to come……..caught the finale of the Next Food Network Star and I have to say that I would not watch either of the finalists they chose – the judges obviously did not pick by personality or talent – they picked by the demographic that is missing on the Food Network – as far as I am concerned, the whole contest was a farce…….does anyone out there believe that Phil Jackson came back to the Lakers for any reason other than the money ? I didn’t think so…….listening to Tony Parker rap in French was almost as scary as watching Brent Barry dance…..the voices of Tigger and Piglet both passed away within hours of each other – as Pooh would say, “Oh Bother”………the quality of joggers and dog walkers at 7am is far superior to the joggers and dog walkers at 6:40am – I may need to leave the house a little bit later in the morning………and I still am in awe that Rachel Ray actually posed for FHM back in October 2003 (thank you google)……..

That it’s for me today – may there always be a beautiful babe to squeeze your lime……

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