Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My first comment comes on the back of a throwaway thunk about Paris Hilton.....

A thunk back to last weekend and the Yanks-Sox series - do you thunk Billy Martin is spinning in his grave right about now - the Sox plunked Jeter again and yet again the yanks did nothing in retaliation - they are gutless and should all join AROD on Dr. Phil's couch.......didn't see the film clip from Tom Cruise's appearance on "Oprah" and I really wish I had - he has completely lost it - I'm glad I don't waste anymore of my $$$ on his movies........saw some of the replay of the Div III Championship Lax game between Middlebury & Salisbury this morning during my workout - what a great game - too bad my Panthers gacked at the end - that Div I championship game between Hopkins & Duke was fun to watch too - Lax is the sport of the future - the fact that you now see lax sticks on the beaches is a sure sign

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