Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Randy Johnson sure looks like he was worth all that $$$ that Steinbrenner has paid him......Yanks are 0-21 in games in which they have scored 3 runs or less......The "Queer Eye" guys threw out the first pitch at Fenway the other day and Brian Cashman was said to be in the crowd with a radar gun......93 days until opening kickoff for the NFL just in case you were wondering.......who are the idiots who are making reservations at Hell's Kitchen and how many of them are wannabe actors trying to get some face time for their "loop" ???.....91 Days until the DVD of "LOST" Season 1 comes out just in case you were wondering.......No Triple Crown Threat this weekend at the Belmont makes this a very irrelevant horse race.......are they still playing the French Open ????.......went to the Crawfish Festival this weekend - I need to make some crawfish pie........cherry tomatoes have started flowering and so have my Caribbean Hot Peppers - my beans & peas are behind schedule and I think I need to get a pot of Roma Tomatoes for the back deck......NBC is cutting the price on it's ad rates for next year - shouldn't they be paying people to watch "Joey" ????........Spurs vs Pistons - be still my heart - I will probably fall over if either team scores 100 points in a game during the finals......and finally, Congrats to the 2005 Kelly Cup Champs - your TRENTON TITANS !!!!

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