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Today's blog is allegedly sponsored in part by Jumex Mango! - the official drink of the 39th Street Mujera de las Tamales and the front steps of the Williams Club.

I have over 1900 songs on my iPod and I can't begin to tell you how many of them I can't stand & totally suck. And I am not just talking about the collection of Mrs. Swampy's Power Hair Band Love Ballads from the 80's either. I really need to start deleting and now.

As a Hockey Purist, I hated seeing the Anaheim Ducks win the STANLEY CUP last night. As a Hockey Fan, I loved seeing the presentation of the CUP. No trophy means more to the players & the fans alike. Nothing however will ever top 1994.

WTF !!! Paris Hilton is out of jail for medical reasons ? What, they didn't want the other inmates getting crabs ? How soon before some designer comes up with high fashion cover for her ankle bracelet ?

4am TV has been brutal since the end of the regular season but Top Chef started with an all-star challenge last night – guess I will have to watch that one tomorrow since I was a lazy bastard again this morning and slept through my alarm again too.

Hammy was seriously old school in the final panel of Over The Hedge this morning. I have said it before, he gets the best throwaway lines of any character on the comics pages.

And speaking of the comics page – would someone please put me out of my misery and kill Diesel Sweeties ? Consistently unfunny but like a wreck on the side of the road, I have to slow down & look……

I was reminded elsewhere (thanks !113}l) about what great movies both True Grit & Rooster Cogburn were – you should also read her blogs - anyone who syncs up the theme from Sanford & Son with her blog is more than alright by me.

If I had had a broom handle or a large stick in my hand yesterday on my walk home, I would have stuck it in the spokes of the pedal cab that decided red lights don't apply – I hate pedal cabs and suitcases on rollers but that is for another blog - the long awaited "2+ hour commute home from hell" blog – I will also address the poor AM New York guy who hands out papers in the AM & PM who feels that commuting makes people mean and that we treat him like a puddle. I may step in puddles but I step around him. From this day forward though, he will be known as Puddle Man – they put his pic in the paper too.

Cake in the kitchen again ? But I just got done with the BIG cookie from Sick Charlie's. So much for my girlish figure this month.

As the date for Harry Potter 7 gets closer & closer, I am starting to hear more & more spoilers – I am only 300 pages into Book 5 so I either need to close my eyes & ears or read faster. Swamprat # 1 has made it quite clear that the answer is read faster.

Still no offers on the house but at least there have been a few more showings – still hurt to write that 2nd mortgage check – felt like I was using Professor Umbridge's special quill.

The Sopranos – Final Episode this Sunday Night – what will happen ? My theory right now (and you can just spin the wheel to get about 10 more from me any time) is that Janice will whack Tony and she & Uncle Junior will close out the series sipping drinks on the porch of Bobby's lake cabin in the Adirondacks. Phil respects Uncle Junior and the old ways & traditions of the mob and Janice is the closest thing they have to Livia left on the show. Now tell me I'm wrong and tell me what you think is going to happen.

Chai Tea Lattes in the afternoon are good but by the time I get to my train parking lot, I'm walking cross-legged. I know – too much info – I also can't help myself but even though I know the orange mocha cappuccinos suck, I still grab the free samples they have out.

I'll be "Hopping Mad" if I don't break double digits in the Blogger Bowl.

Actually, I won't……

I have always listened to "Incident on 57th Street" & "Rosalita" every time I have passed the first Asbury Park exit on the Garden State Parkway but this time I am thinking "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out"

Would someone just please drive a stake into the heart of the Yankees – I can't bear to hear any more about their chances for catching the Bosox & the wildcard.

Back to an old favorite - The Wedding CafĂ© NY - for just a minute. This is an actual excerpt from their website – "At Wedding Cafe NY, there are no salespeople to avoid, just a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself preparing the beautiful wedding you've always imagined." – no crap – there is NEVER anyone in there so how could anyone ever feel pressured ? It's June for god sake – shouldn't there be someone in there ?

Quietly hoping I can get a halfway normal person in the seat next to me on the train tonight……swampy abides……
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