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Paris Hilton – Inmate # 9818783

She will emerge a "bigger" star than before and will sell interviews & articles to the media left & right. I would not be surprised to find a journalist willingly getting a record to be in the same lock up with her. I have even already heard that her Day 1 orange prison jumpsuit is on E-Bay. What's next ? The soap she used in her first shower ? American needs to say enough is enough. I promise (like a politician) that this will be my last mention of Paris while she is incarcerated.

Well maybe this will be the last item, I said it before but she really should release a version of "Jailhouse Rock" when she gets out.

I tried to drop a picture into a comment earlier today and screwed it up bigtime – sorry Levi – I just need to remember that when it comes to technology, I am all about sticks & rocks. At least I learned how to html some links.

With all of the legal problems that Michael Vick seems to be having, it looks like Falcons fans are going to have to get ready to embrace the "Joey Harrington Era". Bet you dirty bird fans never thought that you would be missing Matt Schaub.

Crawfish Fest was hot & humid on Sunday but the food & music were hotter. Always a good time in the middle of nowhere NJ.

Is the kid from "Two and a Half Men" really supposed to be Jimmy Osmond ? They certainly look a lot alike. And 50 years in show business ? Is that what I heard about the Osmonds ? Scary.

Played golf yesterday at the home of the 2006 PGA Championship – Baltusrol Country Club. For those of you who don't know, this is one of the all time great golf courses and a very stuffy & pretentious club. They would never let me join as a member but they did let me play as a guest in an outing yesterday. Now I won't bore you with all of the details of my round but I will tell you that for only the 2nd time in my golfing life, I played the whole round with the same ball. Never stuck it in the woods, never stuck it right in the "Old Lumber Yard", never lost it in the long grass. I still hit it too many times and I missed all of my birdie putts & 2 of my par putts. Guess I should have believed the reads my caddy was giving me but his first few reads sucked and I took too long to realize that he wasn't jacking me on the back nine and I should have believed him. I am also still way too much in love with my 60 degree lob wedge, I am hitting shorter with my approach irons than last year and my 4 iron seems to have forgiven me for my fling last summer with my Taylor Made Rescue Clubs. More to come as the golf season progresses…….

Blogger Bowl II starts tomorrow and I can't find the link to vote for me anymore – oh well – so much for my shameless plug.

Headed to AC with the Deadliest Catch to work a trade show Sunday & Monday – look for reports from the casino floor…….

I saw that Sam Adams, former Cincinnati Bengal, signed with the Denver Broncos this weekend. Do you think the Broncos & Bengals have a reciprocal arrangement worked out with their respective probation officers so players that move between the 2 teams can keep their current parole officers ? Makes sense to me.

Saw "The World's Fastest Indian" the other night on DVD – I can see why Levi likes it so much – my neighbor has the last Indian made and you can really hear it when he cranks it up.

In light of my Jan 28 2004 blog re-emerging the other night, I actually went back in time and did find my first "10 Things I Think I Thunk" email that got sent out to a select few unfortunate readers – it was from January 2002 – some night when I am bored you may get to see it again too.

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia !!!" – I think that accurately describes my 2 eldest swamprats relationship.

I know it is not just me but many Rangers fans are going to have a hard time cheering for Scott Gomez if he signs with the Blueshirts. And in another hockey note, the Anaheim Ducks are just one win away from the CUP – the horror. I wonder if Emilio Estevez will start wandering around DisneyWorld dressed as Gordon Bombay in hopes of having people stop him for autographs & pictures like they do Captain Jack Sparrow.

Elvis parked next to me at the train station this morning. I don't know about you but it always makes me feel better to know that the King is on my train – uh huh huh, huh, yeahhhhhhhh, I'm all shook up……..

And finally, a very special anniversary is coming up in SwampyWorld soon – make sure to check back here often for updates. (spoken like the true page view whore that I am)

Quietly hoping you won't notice the 2006 mechanical bull pics in my profile………swampy abides………

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