Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"They told me there were animals in the back but they didn't tell me there was a fox."

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Yes that was an actual line used on the Deadliest Catch at the trade by some old dude who wanted a stress ball for his grandchildren. I was so jealous that I hadn't thought of that one first...

By 4pm on Monday afternoon, even juggling our bright blue stress balls was not enough to get more than a casual glance from the "shoppers" at the Trade Show. You needed to have something unique at that point or some good candy. We had nothing but sore feet and forced smiles. I hate these trade shows because I invariably run into people I haven't seen for a long time (for a reason) but I did come away with a leather coaster, a couple funky pens for the kids, a small fire extinguisher and a back scratcher for my wife.

And if I may digress for just a second, I just found out that Mrs. Swampy plans on keeping the backscratcher in the kitchen so she doesn't have to use my fork anymore when she has an itch. Ah the joys of married life…….

I'm on a conference call right now,already did my spiel and now I am just listening to the rest of the country WHINE !!!!! May I suggest a nice piece of Brie or Camembert to go with that WHINE !!!

Back to a trade show related subject, you have to love the Stage Deli and their "celebrity" platters & sandwiches. I ordered a James Brown just because I could but what a turkey, pastrami & swiss on rye has to do with the Godfather of Soul is beyond me. The most appropriately named dish was the "Richard Simmons Tropical Fruit Plate" – I was actually stunned that they would be that "controversial" in their namings…..

Looks like the NYC strip clubs may have finally identified a new target market (and one I have long thought they shouldn't ignore) – they have started handing out free passes to the crowd going into the New York Liberty (WNBA) games. Lesbians like lap dances too, don't they ?

Top Chef 3 – Miami starts tonight with a 75 minute premier – don't miss it

On a 2nd viewing of the Sopranos Finale last night with Mrs. Swampy (she hated it), I am even more convinced than I was before that Tony is alive and that he was not whacked by Members Only coming out of the bathroom. David Chase in his only post finale interview (in the Star Ledger – Tony's paper) certainly implied that Tony didn't die. I can still ssee a movie in about 5 years when James Gandolfini discovers that the American public can't get past seeing him in any role other than Tony Soprano (and that is why his career has tanked) begging David Chase to bring them all back for one final shot. Then maybe Tony gets whacked.

And as much as I have always hated Journey, great song to end the series.

Back to AC for just a second if I may and it is my blog so I think I may, went to play Roulette with the Deadliest Catch after dinner on Sunday night and lost $100 faster than you could even imagine. Went back up to my room, changed out of my convention clothes and put on more typical swamp attire - dirty shorts, old beat up t-shirt, sunglasses & a baseball cap - and went back down to the roulette table again. ne hour later swampy had won back my $100 and swampy had also won me an additional $200 (though Mrs. Swampy only found out about half of that.....)

The US Open starts tomorrow and they have a 288 yard Par 3 on the 8th hole. Say what ? I can't wait to see who goes for it. There really is something fundamentally wrong about using a driver on a Par 3 but…….

I grew up thinking I was a Presbyterian but thanks to Levi, I now know that I am really a Black Jew

With all the songs I hate on my iPod, it's nice to know that sometimes my shuffle button gets it right. What day can't start out better when you get "Joy" from Elvin Bishop's "Raisin' Hell" album following Peter Tosh's version of "Johnny B. Goode".

Dug an ingrown toenail out of my big left toe last night – at least I can walk now – maybe I need to go here for a pedicure……

For all of you LOST fanatics out there who are feeling their Wednesday jones coming on – if you haven't checked out B.Quain's LOST Blog today, you must. Great LOST related honeymoon stories and a classic YouTube clip.

So the conference call is ending and it is time for me to go get some Ptomaine & Salmonella on a Roll from Sick Charlie's for lunch. Blockheads tomorrow….maybe

I am sure that I forgot a ton of stuff I meant to write about and will remember again onc I'm done but that just means more for Friday

Quietly laughing at the NBA for their powerhouse finals of San Antonio & Cleveland….swampy abides…..

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