Friday, June 08, 2007

Bikini Clad Babes Wielding Bananas & Paris Hilton Goes Back 2 Jail !!! Current mood: excited Category: Blogging

It's a Fridy quickie and don't we all like those......

Let's start with the latest breaking news of the day. Our streets are safe again for our children as Paris Hilton has been ordered back to jail to serve out her entire 45 day sentence. She was taken screaming from the court – "It's not fair !!!!" Too bad sweetheart. Hope they toss you into the general population now.

And now for the story that should have led today's Friday blog – For the 2nd morning in a row, Bikini Clad Bimbos were handing out bananas to commuters in hopes that you would get a "Bikini Body" at iO Cable Digital Channel 502 Lifeskool TV. I missed yesterday morning (significantly cooler too) because they weren't ready ay 7:25am when I emerged from Penn Station onto 7th ave but they were there this morning. The young lady I got my banana from was actually quite attractive but I had a look on her face that said "I haven't had to grab this many bananas this fast since we all fell into Jimmy's pool at a party in the Hamptons last summer". I also got a free USA Today but skipped the free AM NY that Puddle Man tried to force on me. NOT ! Now if I can only score some free popcorn from Gardetto's on the ride home…..

Had lunch at Blockheads on 3rd Ave today. Awesome jerk chicken burrito. They also invite you to email them and comment on the music they play in the restaurant. I could have sworn that I heard Tom Jones singing "Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads" so I emailed them from my table. Had an answer minutes later – It was Tom Jones & The Cardigans – hello iTunes !!!

Another big bonus was the young lady in the red & white striped dress that "Sharon Stoned" me 3 times while she waited for her loser date to show up. Yes my darling, I white lace thong really worked for you. Thank you darling.

Why would anyone eat Pig Snout ? And why would anyone order Pig Snout ? Only one person I know can answer that question for us and he will probably comment about how he smoked the Pig Snout too.

Many new faces leaving blog comments thanks to my mediocre appearance in Blogger Bowl II – Bakes on the other hand seems to be the Flavor of the Month – you go Bakes !!!

Jeff Bridges brings back "The Dude" for "Surf's Up" – a most excellent reason to take the kids to see yet another animated penguin movie.

Still 3rd rate candy in the vending machine but it is bound to better than whatever Paris is hopefully being force fed in jail !!!

Quietly trying to make it through the rest of the day without answering my phone because that is the reason that God invented voice mail….swampy abides…..

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