Friday, July 21, 2006

Darius Watts. 7:44! Propel Strawberry-Kiwi. Black Wind.

Tiger is back. He ripped a 7 under 65 today and has a 3 shot lead so far. Leaderboard is definitely going to be ratings friendly for the weekend.

So what is all the uproar about trading Dominic Moore ? The Rangers have been a little crowded at Center anyway and they have some kids with more of a nose for the net coming up through the system. Hall has some size and has shown that he can score. I don't see how anyone can even begin to not see this as a big win for the Rangers. I would like to see Rucinsky get signed but I have a feeling that his ego is going to get in the way (like it already has) and this deal is not going to get done. I bet he winds up in Pittsburgh for pennies on the dollar.

NFL Rookies are starting to report and the Thunks will start to turn a little more football centric.....

the Thunks may also be moving to myspace.........and they just did......

swampy abides

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