Wednesday, May 17, 2006

3 singers, 3 songs each and 3 more chances to watch Paula Abdul make a fool of herself on national TV - and that just never gets old.....Clive Davis chooses a song, the judges choose a song and our Final 3 each get to choose a song.

Elliott - sounded a little weak & nervous on the first song - maybe the pressure is starting to get to him - not wild about his 2nd song either - not enough snap or pop to the lyrics - it's not the type of song that you can croon or schmooze - 3rd song was his best - looked comfortable and sounded good but there was just something missing in it for me - maybe not enough "Ray-ness" or something. Overall an average performance on a night when he needed to go deep.

Kat - "Hi. My name is swampy and I'm a Kat-a-holic." Now that I have that out of the way, 1st song was not good in my opinion - it allowed her to go on runs that she didn't need and she didn't sing the chorus - (as an aside to Randy, this was Clive's choice so you score no points and probably got her some sympathy votes for criticizing the song choice - enjoyed listening to you trying to suck up to the boss when you got called on it) you do have to give Kat credit though for changing up the arrangement so it didn't cry "karaoke" - 2nd song - Simon lobbed her a big old fat one and Kat almost delivered - no way was this a "Kelly Clarkson Big Band Night Moment" but it was very good - Simon was right, too bad it wasn't the last song because the 3rd song was a mess - way too much vocal styling and Randy went right for the jugular by saying she is no Ella - good thing she wore a short skirt & boots because that helped to make up for the shortcomings of the song. Hope her fans were calling.

Taylor - I half expected the Idol producers to get Courtney Cox Arquette to jump up on stage to dance with Taylor during his 1st song - never much liked the song and didn't think that Taylor added anything to it - 2nd song - another lob that bounces off the wall when it should have been out of the park - he cheats us of the final falsetto note but makes up for it with the Belushi-like facial expressions - 3rd song - perfect song for Taylor but he absolutely ruined it at the ending - no matter, Taylor is headed to the Kodak Theater next week.

So who's going home ? Taylor is clear, Elliott had 3 average performances and Kat had one average, one great and one mess. History tells us that a woman will go home as that has been the case in each of the first 4 seasons but I think tonight that Elliott has finally come up short. He will make some nice coin in the adult contemporary market but he won't be in the Final 2.

It will Taylor vs Kat and I am afraid that no matter what happens, Taylor will be your next American Idol.

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