Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just realized that I never posted my LOST thunks so with the finale slated for tonight, I will have to come back and do that later today.......

but now onto the American Idol Finale from last night........

Justin Guarini. Clay Aiken. Diana DeGarmo. Bo Bice. Who will be this year's runner-up ?

Kat - "Hi. My name is swampy. I'm a Kat-a-holic." 1st song - She caught a small amount of lightning in a bottle when she first performed "Black Horse & a Cherry Tree" but this time it was more like a lightning bug. Not bad but not great and she needed great. 2nd song - I think that she was better than last week with her rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". I am sure that this song will appear on her first album. Great job. I can understand the criticism that it was the 2nd week in a row for the song but this is the finale and you are supposed to bring your best. There were a lot of people watching the show at home for the first time last night so why not go with your best ? 3rd song - hideous song in true AI Finale fashion - her voice was starting to go and she was swimming upstream all song. Not a great way to finish.

Taylor - A Pink Pimp Daddy Jacket and Silver Shoes !!! Taylor absolutely killed "Living in the City" and it seemed even better following Kat's opening song. And Taylor thought about the lyrics this time and lost his manic smile from Stevie Wonder Week. 2nd song - Taylor mailed this one in and I don't know why. His earlier rendition was far superior to this sleepwalking effort. It's almost like he conceded the round to Kat before he even began. 3rd song - another hideous AI Finale original but Taylor kept it together enough and put enough growl into it to win the title. This is not the kind of songs that his fans want him to sing.

So who wins ? Taylor. I voted for Kat out of loyalty but only once.

Kat will do well with a studio produced album and will look great in her videos. I just feel sorry for the final few cities on the summer tour because her voice is going to be gone by then. Taylor is going to have a good career too but I don't see him taking off the way that Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood has in the past year. Taylor's niche is cover songs and he is good at it. I can see him headlining in Vegas within 2 years to sold out legions of the Soul Patrol.

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