Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My out of context Survivor Thunks from a posting on a Survivor thread over at the W - click to your right

RealityNewsOnline.com actually awarded Cirie a Hall of Fame Moment (realitytvhalloffame.com) for her Triple Play Ouster of Courtney. Cirie should have been gone at the first TC but somehow managed to listen and work her way to the Final 4 - she would have won against any of the other 3 had she made it to the Final 2.As for Terry and the hidden Immunity Idol. His only real play, other than for himself, was at the merge and when his team was down 6-4. The 2nd highest vote getter that night was Aras and if Terry had been smart enough, from a team perspective, he could have narrowed the gap to 5-4 with Bruce on the fence and a good possibility to jump at that point. Can't remember if Bruce was gone by the next TC or not due to his intestinal blockage. Otherwise, Terry had to keep it for himself right up until the end. It would have been nice to see him slip it to Danielle but he could not trust her as far as he could throw her, so he did the right thing.

As for Shane & Courtney, I can see the "Celebreality" execs over at VH1 burning up the phone lines today trying to get those 2 booked onto an edition of "The Surreal Life" and Danielle, she is destined for Maxim, Stuff or FHM.

....I stand by all of those points today and think that terry had to be arrogant because it was "Me against Them" from the time of the merge until the end. Every flip he tried to pull off failed. He had to keep winning and he did until the end. It does seem now in hindsight that perhaps Terry choked in those final 2 challenges because there was finally pressure on him and he had to win. I thunk it was more of a case of Terry losing than Aras winning.

more thunks to come on a gloomy, gray Tuesday....swampy abides

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