Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I slept through my alarms this morning and completely missed my workout. Now everything feels off......

Paris has dumped Stavros and is now stepping out with the gay poster boy of Phoenix - she can probably make him forget he was the #10 pick but why the wig Paris ?

I'm in a Carolina Frame of mind.......

New LOST tonight - is it 9pm yet ????

my American Idol thunks -

Elliott - okay.....nothing special - he will make money but he won't win the competition

Paris - Kiss ? Damn I'm old. Prince was turning purple while he watched and Mary J. Blige didn't love you either. It's time to go home little girl.

Chris - I hated both songs but Chris sounded good on the first one - just strained & screaming in the 2nd number - he has the fans to pull him through

Kat - That was certainly a different take on "Against All Odds" - not a real good effort....and her voice isn't rich enough to do KT Tunstall but there are other songs of hers that I think would really fit Kat stylistically - it was fun and her fans were probably working overtime last night....and yes, I have McPheever......

Taylor - they talk about taylor being old but I remember when "Play That Funky Music" was released - he really looks like a drunk wedding singer rolling on the floor - and what chart did he look at - I have been scanning the net looking but haven't been able to find any chart that includes "Something" - sounded good.....the Soul Patrol won't let him go home just yet

Nothing tonight really stood and Kat's first song was the worst of the evening with Chris's scream ridden 2nd effort coming in 2nd......still no Kelly Clarkson moments to date

My Bottom 2 - Paris & Kat with Paris going home

America's Bottom 2 - Elliott & Paris with Paris going home

less than 100 days until the broncos first pre-season game kicks off - thank you to the Denver Post for the clock

Blaine McCallister is ranked # 613 in the OWGR

swampy abides.....

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