Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My American Idol review from (link to your right) - Props should go out to "Parts Unknown" for his weekly recap on this site -

Bucky - he is still a mush mouth and I can't understand a thing he says when he is singing

Ace - I loved it when he hit himself in the face with the microphone as he was playing with the mic stand. He was terrible.

Kellie - I thought Garth had lost his glasses when the song started.....

Chris - terrible, terrible song - like Simon said, there is a reason they don't play this one in concert

Katharine - Looked Great, Sang Great - she should never see the Bottom 3 again

Elliott - Didn't do a lot for me but it did more than the first 3 of the night

Taylor - It's Joe Cocker doing Queen !!! The Soul Patrol will eat this up and I am sure that the phone lines were burning up

Paris - So this week you played Dress Up as L'il Kim - you need to go

Bottom 3 - Ace, Paris & Bucky with hopefully Paris going home but I think it will finally be Ace who gets to sing his way out....

as a side note, how cold is it to make the loser each week sing the song that got them booted as their final goodbye ? I happen to love it. It's up there with opening the rest of the cases after they make the deal on Deal or No Deal.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. Bucky didn't deserve to get the boot and Paris is pretty good for a 16 year old (but she is in way over her head). Next off is Ace, then Elliot, then Paris, then Taylor. The final three will be Kelly, Katherine and Chris (who will ultimately win it all).