Thursday, April 27, 2006

So Kellie Pickler is finally gone on American Idol - she spared us a repeat of the high note from Unchained Melody by babbling her way out after her "Bad Day" video montage (I did like the acoustic version of Bad Day and downloaded it after the show). I am sure that once the American Idol Top 10 Summer Concert Tour is over we will see Ms. Pickler grace the pages of one of the lad mags like Maxim, Stuff or FHM........Miss Stanley County 2004, you will be missed......and hopefully Paris will soon follow

The apology to Kat was a surprise and was needed - she definitely was a lot better than the judge's initial reaction and she needed to know and so did the voting public - though getting that type of rip job while singing in the leadoff slot may have been just the motivation to get her fans to keep on dialing........the top 2 vote getters last night should be the Top 2 in the Finale in May

LOST was an unwatchable clip show.....


swampy abides......

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